“Is This a Real Yellow Submarine?”

“Yes! In the 1980’s, brothers Dwayne, Elmer and Steve Baker decided to build Lake Champlain’s first and only yellow submarine. Nothing quite like this had ever been built in the lake, so it took the Bskers a while to get the submarine officially registered with the Coast Guard and Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles. WhenContinue reading ““Is This a Real Yellow Submarine?””

Joseph Roberts: American Civil War

Born on November 7, 1841, in Burlington, Vermont, Joseph Roberts decided to join the Union Army. On January 15, 1862, he enlisted at the age of 20. He mustered in on February 12, 1862 as a Private with Company C of the 7th Vermont Infantry. He mustered out March 30, 1864. Roberts re-enlisted January 17,Continue reading “Joseph Roberts: American Civil War”

Philadelphia II Refurbishment: Lake Champlain Maritime Museum

“Philadelphia II In May 1989, Lake Champlain Maritime Museum began construction of a replica of the Philadelphia. To save time, LCMM boatbuilders used modern power tools in conjunction with traditional hand tools, but a period-correct blacksmith shop was built to forge the ironwork, including nearly 9,000 nails. Both natural and synthetic fibers for the riggingContinue reading “Philadelphia II Refurbishment: Lake Champlain Maritime Museum”

“A Winch and a Nod” How Do Winches Work?”

“These are winches! Winches are mechanical devices used to pull in or let out rope or cables. The cable wraps around the barrel-shaped portion while the winch holds it in place. These winches, which came from a boathouse at Cold Spring Camp in Milton, VT, are sometimes used by students to learn about simple maritimeContinue reading ““A Winch and a Nod” How Do Winches Work?””

Daddy Long Legs Walking on a Headstone

https://youtube.com/shorts/V89IQLD6URM?si=aAv6nmimzXmBXOea I had just finished filming the grave of an American Civil War soldier. As I turned to walk that row to find another, I noticed movement out of the corner of my eye. That is when I saw this daddy long legs. Thus, I opted to film this part of its journey.

James J. Manney:

James J. Manney was born March 7, 1840 in Middlebury, Vermont. He enlisted with the Union Army on August 6, 1862. He mustered in on September 1, 1862 as a Private with Company B of the 11th Vermont Infantry, which was also known interchangeably as the 1st Vermont Heavy Artillery. He applied for a pensionContinue reading “James J. Manney:”

“The Old English Barn”: Filled with FABULOUS Lincoln Farm Implements!!

I recently visited the Lincoln Historical Society Museum in Lincoln, Vermont. Rhonda and Lucinda offered a fabulous tour! “The Barn” is also known as “The Old English Barn” because it’s a post and beam structure. It is chock-full of farming implements, which had been used in Lincoln. Wait ’til you see what it’s filled with!!Continue reading ““The Old English Barn”: Filled with FABULOUS Lincoln Farm Implements!!”

“Why Is This Wheel So Big?”

From the nearby sign at the Lake Champlain Maritime Museum: “We don’t know! While we don’t know the exact ship on which this wheel was used, it must have been a big one. Some wheels were made very large so they could be operated by more than one person in heavy weather. A ship’s wheelContinue reading ““Why Is This Wheel So Big?””

Timothy T. Durfey: American Civil War

Timothy T. Durfey was born in 1836 in Lincoln, Vermont. At the age of 27, he enlisted in the Union Army on August 5, 1862. He mustered in on September 1, 1862 as a Private in Company B with the 11th Vermont Infantry. Durfey mustered out on June 24, 1865. “The 11th Vermont Infantry wasContinue reading “Timothy T. Durfey: American Civil War”

Let’s See If They Turn On!

https://youtube.com/shorts/irZKhho09ZQ?si=1t0LPHQ-UNy_WNAn All YouTube videos go live at 12:30 am Eastern Daylight Time. I visited the Lake Champlain Maritime Museum recently. One of the buildings I filmed was The Roost, which had been part of Camp Marbury. Camp Marbury had been a summer camp for girls. I appreciate how this camp had those insanely rustic lamps!Continue reading “Let’s See If They Turn On!”