“Is This a Real Yellow Submarine?”

“Yes! In the 1980’s, brothers Dwayne, Elmer and Steve Baker decided to build Lake Champlain’s first and only yellow submarine. Nothing quite like this had ever been built in the lake, so it took the Bskers a while to get the submarine officially registered with the Coast Guard and Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles. WhenContinue reading ““Is This a Real Yellow Submarine?””

THE LOIS MCCLURE’S LAST DAY & Rowboats Made by Students!

September 29, 2023 is THE LAST OFFICIAL DAY you can visit the LOIS McCLURE at the Lake Champlain Maritime Museum. IT WILL ONLY BE OPEN BETWEEN THE HOURS OF 10:30 AM TO 12 NOON! And it is well worth the visit!! There will be an Interpreter on board to answer questions or even lead aContinue reading “THE LOIS MCCLURE’S LAST DAY & Rowboats Made by Students!”

Fog Rolling Over Lake Champlain

“The recent cold weather was accompanied by interesting fog over the open water of our lakes. Fog is essentially a ground-hugging cloud, composed of tiny liquid water droplets. This particular fog, called a steam fog, forms when cold air drifts across relatively warm water. The lake water evaporates into the air above the lake surface.Continue reading “Fog Rolling Over Lake Champlain”

Industrial Past of Colchester Causeway

Inscription: “If you travel a mile north along the bike path, you’ll find a lake crossing with stunning views: a 3.5-mile causeway connecting Colchester Point to Allen’s Point in South Hero, Vermont. While thousands of bicyclists and walkers use this marble causeway for recreation, it has a very industrial past. The Rutland Railroad opened theContinue reading “Industrial Past of Colchester Causeway”

Stone Bath House at Sand Bar State Park

From SAH: “The stone bathhouse at Sand Bar State Park is perhaps the single most substantial summer park building that the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) erected in Vermont. It also represents the contribution of the CCC in the development of twenty-two parks within the Vermont State Park system. The bathhouse, which measures approximately 35 ×Continue reading “Stone Bath House at Sand Bar State Park”

Rutland Railroad Pumping Station

“The Rutland Railroad Pumping Station is a historic water pumping facility at 43 Lake Street in the town of Alburgh, Vermont. Built in 1903, it is a rare example in Vermont of an early railroad-related water pumping facility. In use until the 1940s, it provided water needed for steam engines at rail facilities elsewhere inContinue reading “Rutland Railroad Pumping Station”

Samuel de Champlain: “Here is History”

“Here is History” is a bold declarative statement. It is also true. If this were a line at the beginning of a book, I would eagerly read on. Would you? From the State Historic Marker: “These islands were first seen by a European in 1609, when Samuel De Champlain explored the Lake which bears hisContinue reading “Samuel de Champlain: “Here is History””