Reynolds-McGregor Cemetery in Alburgh, Vermont

According to the Vermont Old Cemetery Association, “[i]t was first used in 1806 and contains 27 graves.” During the filming, I incorrectly stated I thought this was the Reynolds Cemetery. I discovered with some more research that this is the Reynolds-McGregor Cemetery. Both are in Alburgh.

Salisbury Veterans’ Park

The Salisbury Veterans’ Park is a war memorial, which commemorates those who served in American wars and conflicts. The wars span from the Revolutionary War to the “Lebanon/Grenada/Panama Conflicts”. The Park opened in 2007 and is a product of the Salisbury Historical Society.

Manchester War Memorial

“The figure atop the Soldiers Monument represents a Colonial era officer, but the Monument was meant to honor all veterans from Manchester. Dedicated in 1905, the base and figure were carved at Fullerton’s Marble and Granite Works in Manchester Depot, but, according to the Manchester Historical Society’s curator, Shawn Harrington, “We have no proof positiveContinue reading “Manchester War Memorial”

Addison War Memorial

Please help me honor those men who lived in Addison, Vermont, and who died for our country. They are forever immortalized on the bronze plaques attached to the War Memorial in the Town Square at the Four Corners in Addison, Vermont. What is a “war memorial” you may be asking. It could be some typeContinue reading “Addison War Memorial”

Daniel Sanford Fought at the Battle of Plattsburgh during the War of 1812!

Daniel Sanford of Cornwall ,Vermont, fought at the Battle of Plattsburgh during the War of 1812. He was an excellent shot well into old age. In fact, he lived to see 90! Learn more about him in today’s video!

Monkton Ridge Cemetery

Whilst in Monkton and after filming its Town Hall, I decided to stroll a bit of the Monkton Ridge Cemetery. The cemetery is right next door. That was ever so convenient! The snow had receded enough to see the small headstones. They otherwise become trip hazards, when the snow is too deep. It is alsoContinue reading “Monkton Ridge Cemetery”

Munson Cemetery in Colchester, Vermont: Part 2

Today’s video is Part 2 of my walk of the Munson Cemetery in Colchester, Vermont. The photo used for the video’s picture I snapped myself. The white background is the snow on the ground. It is a detail of a family plot fence rod connector. ‘Twas so beautiful I had to feature it! I amContinue reading “Munson Cemetery in Colchester, Vermont: Part 2”

Munson Cemetery in Colchester, Vermont: Part 1

Did ya think I forgot about you today??? Well, I did not. I had the COVID booster shot yesterday and I’ve been feeling very tired and sluggish all day. I understand that better late than never is OK. Hope so! 🙂 I visited Munson Cemetery in Colchester, Vermont yesterday. It is the oldest cemetery inContinue reading “Munson Cemetery in Colchester, Vermont: Part 1”

Governor Martin Chittenden: Served During War of 1812!

“Martin Chittenden (March 12, 1763 – September 5, 1840) was an American politician from Vermont. He served as a United States Representative from 1803 to 1813 and as the seventh governor of Vermont from 1813 to 1815, during a crucial portion of the War of 1812. Chittenden was born in Salisbury in the Colony ofContinue reading “Governor Martin Chittenden: Served During War of 1812!”

Thomas Chittenden Cemetery in Williston, Vermont: Visit 2

We’ll meet some members of the Thomas Chittenden family in this video. This is the second half of my visit to the Thomas Chittenden Cemetery in Williston, Vermont. Two people in the YouTube comments “highly recommended” I visit today’s location: the Thomas Chittenden Cemetery. It’s also known as both the Chittenden Cemetery and the OldContinue reading “Thomas Chittenden Cemetery in Williston, Vermont: Visit 2”