Greens Corners Cemetery

The first burial was in 1810 and the cemetery contains over 350 graves. The cemetery sits beside a “rail trail”. There used to be train track there, which the Central Vermont Railroad used. In fact, Greens Corners even had a station. Interesting information to note: I found this cemetery by driving by it. There isContinue reading “Greens Corners Cemetery”

Colonel Sheldon and His Home

From the State Historic Marker: “In 1776, at the request of General Washington, Elisha Sheldon was commissioned by Congress to raise a regiment of cavalry. Named the 2nd Continental Light Dragoons, the unit served with distinction throughout the Revolutionary War. In 1791, Colonel Sheldon, his sons Major Samuel, Elisha, Jr., and George, and their familiesContinue reading “Colonel Sheldon and His Home”

The Revolutionary War from a State Historic Marker

“Ethan Allen crossed Lake Champlain to capture Fort Ticonderoga on May 10, 1775 for “America’s First Victory.” Allen’s expedition passed through here on May 5, 1775. Nathan Beman from Manchester guided the expedition into the fort; John Roberts of Manchester was the head of the expedition’s largest immediate family. In 1777, after evacuating Ft. TiContinue reading “The Revolutionary War from a State Historic Marker”

Manchester War Memorial

“The figure atop the Soldiers Monument represents a Colonial era officer, but the Monument was meant to honor all veterans from Manchester. Dedicated in 1905, the base and figure were carved at Fullerton’s Marble and Granite Works in Manchester Depot, but, according to the Manchester Historical Society’s curator, Shawn Harrington, “We have no proof positiveContinue reading “Manchester War Memorial”

History of Equinox House

“The Equinox stands as an icon of life in New England over the past two centuries. Steeped in history, The Equinox has been a hotbed for American Revolutionaries, hosted presidents and served guests in one fashion or another since 1769. REVOLUTIONARY BEGINNINGS: Originally known as the Marsh Tavern, it was here that the local CouncilContinue reading “History of Equinox House”

Lake View Cemetery in West Addison, Vermont

According to the Vermont Old Cemetery Association, Lake View Cemetery was first used in 1816 and there are 350 graves. The Lake View Cemetery in West Addison was suggested to me by a woman on Facebook. She had lived in Addison County and has relatives buried there. I’m not sure I filmed her relatives givenContinue reading “Lake View Cemetery in West Addison, Vermont”

Addison War Memorial

Please help me honor those men who lived in Addison, Vermont, and who died for our country. They are forever immortalized on the bronze plaques attached to the War Memorial in the Town Square at the Four Corners in Addison, Vermont. What is a “war memorial” you may be asking. It could be some typeContinue reading “Addison War Memorial”

Village Cemetery in Whiting, Vermont

Join me as I walk part of the Village Cemetery behind the Whiting Community Church in Whiting, Vermont. I saw Revolutionary soldiers buried there. Plus, there is one of the largest tree stumps I’ve ever seen between the headstones! (It’s that brown mass between the headstones on the right in the photo below.) If thereContinue reading “Village Cemetery in Whiting, Vermont”

Cornwall Central Cemetery: REVOLUTIONARY WAR SOLDIERS!

First used in 1784, there are 876 graves. There are several Revolutionary War soldiers buried there. My apologies for misnaming the cemetery in the video. It is right next door to the First Congregational Church of Cornwall and there are no signs. I only just found out an hour before the video went live byContinue reading “Cornwall Central Cemetery: REVOLUTIONARY WAR SOLDIERS!”

Highgate Falls Episcopal Church Cemetery

I was up in Highgate Falls, Vermont earlier this week filming a church. No worries. That’s tomorrow’s video! What did I spy behind that church? This cemetery! I walked the Highgate Falls Episcopal Church Cemetery, which is also known as the St. John’s Episcopal Cemetery. I was looking for a specific family, whom I found.Continue reading “Highgate Falls Episcopal Church Cemetery”

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