Christ Church Cemetery: Guilford, Vermont

According to the Vermont Old Cemetery Association, [the Christ Church Cemetery] “was first used in 1815 and contains 626 graves.” Find-a-Grave states there are two famous people buried there. They are: John Wolcott Phelps: He was a Civil War Union Brigadier General. Rudolf Serkin: He was a musician who was born in the Czech Republic.Continue reading “Christ Church Cemetery: Guilford, Vermont”

Meet David Gillespie: Colonial Craftsman

I had the pleasure of meeting David and his wife, Renee, at an event hosted at the Community Hall in Halifax, Vermont. The headstone he is carving is that of the grandson of the Otis family. (This is the family of the man who invented the Otis elevator.) The grandson only lived six years. DavidContinue reading “Meet David Gillespie: Colonial Craftsman”