Vergennes Station House Moved to Ferrisburgh, Vermont

“The Vergennes Station House is a historic railroad station building at 572 Vermont Route 22A in Ferrisburgh, Vermont. Built about 1851 in Vergennes, it is a rare well-preserved example of an early station house in the state of Vermont, exhibiting basic Italianate architectural features. It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2021.[1]

Unused since passenger train service to Vergennes was discontinued in 1953, the building was moved to its present location and rehabilitated in the 2010s. It will once again serve as a station house when the Ethan Allen Express begins serving Ferrisburgh–Vergennes Amtrak station.

The former Vergennes Station House stands in Ferrisburgh, a short way north of the town line with Vergennes, on the west side of Vermont Route 22A just west of its junction with US 7. It is the principal structure associated with a recently built park and ride lot. The station is oriented with its front facing east towards the parking area, and its rear (the traditionally track-facing facade) facing west to an active railroad right-of-way. It was originally located just north of downtown Vergennes, about 1/3 of a mile south of its present location, on the opposite side of the track and in reversed orientation. It is a two-story frame structure, with a gabled roof at its center and 1+1⁄2-story gabled wings extending to the sides. The front facade is dominated by three arches, the outer of which are blind and closed with clapboard siding, with the center one housing the main entrance. It is covered by a modern standing seam metal roof, with reproduced Italianate bracketing along the eaves and gable edges.[2]

The station house was built about 1851, probably to a design by Vermont architect Gurdon P. Randall. Randall was a protegé of Asher Benjamin, and specialized for some years in the design of railroad-related buildings. This station was built for the Rutland and Burlington Railroad, along whose right-of-way it still stands, and was probably built in 1851, along with a freight depot and other buildings. The building is an unusually good instance of early Italianate architecture in Vermont.[2] The building was moved to its present location in 2017, with the intent of serving visitors to the area by car and eventually rail.[2]”-

Vergennes Station House in 2021 at the Ferrisburgh Park & Ride is awaiting Amtrak passengers. Its first passengers since 1953 when service was discontinued after the Rutland Railroad went bankrupt.

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