Meet David Gillespie: Colonial Craftsman

I had the pleasure of meeting David and his wife, Renee, at an event hosted at the Community Hall in Halifax, Vermont. The headstone he is carving is that of the grandson of the Otis family. (This is the family of the man who invented the Otis elevator.) The grandson only lived six years. DavidContinue reading “Meet David Gillespie: Colonial Craftsman”

Grave Conversations

The woman from the Vermont Old Cemetery Association and I were talking shop about different aspects of cemeteries. I called them “Grave Conversations” because we touched on many subjects whilst standing in Elmwood Avenue Cemetery in Burlington, Vermont. Some of the topics covered were: -D2 cleaning solution required by the federal government -Bronze disc markersContinue reading “Grave Conversations”

Vermont Old Cemetery Association Information

“About VOCA: The Vermont Old Cemetery Association (VOCA) was founded in 1958 to encourage the restoration and preservation of neglected and abandoned cemeteries in the State of Vermont… Some Things We Do: …Our members are constantly working in all parts of the state, in cemeteries large and small, righting and cleaning grave markers, clearing brush,Continue reading “Vermont Old Cemetery Association Information”

Cleaning Headstones: Vermont Old Cemetery Association

I am taking this opportunity to thank the Vermont Old Cemetery Association for being amenable to my filming their back-breaking work. I spent the morning, 8am to Noon, with the people who volunteer for the Vermont Old Cemetery Association. We were in Elmwood Avenue Cemetery in Burlington, Vermont. I watched and filmed them repairing andContinue reading “Cleaning Headstones: Vermont Old Cemetery Association”

Walking Prospect Cemetery

The first burial at Prospect Cemetery was in about 1812. There are over 2000 graves. This is according to the Vermont Old Cemetery Association. Isn’t that a beautiful gated entrance? It says both hello and goodbye in a stately manner. Let’s walk a portion of this cemetery to pay our respects to those who cameContinue reading “Walking Prospect Cemetery”

Children’s Graves Revisited at Lakeview Cemetery

When I filmed these children’s graves back in June 2021, several headstones were tipped forward. This made some of them unreadable. There were others that were leaning in other directions as well. In September 2022, people from the Howard Center and the Vermont Old Cemetery Association joined forces to straighten these headstones. I must sayContinue reading “Children’s Graves Revisited at Lakeview Cemetery”

Photos on Headstones

The day before I filmed this video, I was at Resurrection Park filming a variety of shorts videos. Resurrection Park is the largest Catholic cemetery in the state of Vermont and opened in 1942. All the Bishops were moved to this cemetery. I discovered two headstones with pictures. One had an engraved plowtruck. The otherContinue reading “Photos on Headstones”

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