Strolling West or Middlebury Cemetery in Middlebury, Vermont

What kind of week would it be if I didn’t offer a cemetery stroll, right?  I was working against the sun setting.  Although my camera offers some lighting tricks, such as it looking like daytime, it WAS getting dark.

Middlebury Cemetery is also known as West Cemetery.  I’d like to know where the signage was to indicate this.  There was a small sign that said Middlebury Cemetery at the entrance.  It was nearly not visible.  And another warning sign inside, which stated Middlebury Cemetery.  I saw no signs anywhere with West Cemetery on them.  That said, I only knew it as West Cemetery (due to online research) and Google Maps nearly knew where I was headed.

I used Google Maps.  Note that West Cemetery is on the right when heading south on Route 7.  GM wanted me to turn LEFT, when I could easily see it was nearly the next RIGHT turn!  Ugh. 

According to Find a Grave, there are some notables buried there.  Governors, US Senators, a State Senator, a Union General, a US Civil War Medal of Honor Recipient and some others.  One of those others is the subject of my Thanksgiving Day video.  He is also the reason I visited this cemetery in the first place.

West Cemetery is AKA Middlebury Cemetery. Photo snapped in November 2021.

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