Tracy/McEuen Cemetery

The Tracy or McEuen Cemetery was first used in 1801, although the oldest grave dates back to 1794. The cemetery has 120 graves. It is terraced and too many gravestones have fallen, broken or are leaning precariously. The cemetery is located on the East side of Route 116. It is easiest to park on theContinue reading “Tracy/McEuen Cemetery”

Sabin Cemetery

“Located on the Plains Road, Jct near Pattee Road (curve). Many stones broken, unreadable, and appears many are missing. Surnames:Ballard, Blair, Dorman, Davis Dunton, Hathaway, Hobart, Hubbell, Johnson, Lewis, Nichols, Parmelee, Rogers, Sabin, Wright. This cemetery was completely photographed in 2006 and added to Find a Grave then.”-

Lake View Cemetery in West Addison, Vermont

According to the Vermont Old Cemetery Association, Lake View Cemetery was first used in 1816 and there are 350 graves. The Lake View Cemetery in West Addison was suggested to me by a woman on Facebook. She had lived in Addison County and has relatives buried there. I’m not sure I filmed her relatives givenContinue reading “Lake View Cemetery in West Addison, Vermont”

Lake View Cemetery

The first burial in Lake View Cemetery was in 1799. There are 1286 graves. Although it is across from St. Genevieve Cemetery, it is otherwise surrounded by empty land. Make sure to watch my video. I entered a burial vault! See the rollers!! SO INTERESTING!!

Grand View Cemetery

I was recently in Addison, Vermont filming. As I was heading to my next place to film, I saw Grand View Cemetery and knew I had to stop! You know how much I love me a cemetery, right??? So, please join me as I stroll this place. And, please excuse some humor I shared there.Continue reading “Grand View Cemetery”

Strolling Lakeview Cemetery #13

I strolled another section of Lakeview Cemetery yesterday. You’ll see an American Civil War grave, several smaller stones, which say “Father” or Mother” and no other name, and one plot with LOTS of family members buried around it. The first burial was in 1800. There are one 10,300 graves. In fact, Lakeview Cemetery still allowsContinue reading “Strolling Lakeview Cemetery #13”

Village Cemetery in Whiting, Vermont

Join me as I walk part of the Village Cemetery behind the Whiting Community Church in Whiting, Vermont. I saw Revolutionary soldiers buried there. Plus, there is one of the largest tree stumps I’ve ever seen between the headstones! (It’s that brown mass between the headstones on the right in the photo below.) If thereContinue reading “Village Cemetery in Whiting, Vermont”

Strolling Lakeview Cemetery #12

I strolled another section of Lakeview Cemetery recently.  The day was absolutely resplendent with sunshine and blue skies as far as the eye could see!  And the temp was in the 70’s… When Lakeview Cemetery in Burlington, Vermont opened to the public in 1872, it was as a Victorian Lawn Park cemetery. Its design wasContinue reading “Strolling Lakeview Cemetery #12”

Strolling Lakeview Cemetery #11

Join me as I stroll another section of Lakeview Cemetery in Burlington, Vermont. We’ll see some larger monuments with lots of family surrounding the center marker.

Sheldon Poor Farm Cemetery: Part 2

“In the United States, poorhouses were most common during the 19th and early 20th centuries. They were often situated on the grounds of a poor farm on which able-bodied residents were required to work. A poorhouse could even be part of the same economic complex as a prison farm and other penal or charitable publicContinue reading “Sheldon Poor Farm Cemetery: Part 2”

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