Sheldon Poor Farm Cemetery: Part 2

“In the United States, poorhouses were most common during the 19th and early 20th centuries. They were often situated on the grounds of a poor farm on which able-bodied residents were required to work. A poorhouse could even be part of the same economic complex as a prison farm and other penal or charitable publicContinue reading “Sheldon Poor Farm Cemetery: Part 2”

Saint John’s Episcopal Church

Today’s video is on St. John’s Episcopal Church in Highgate Falls, Vermont. If you enjoyed yesterday’s video on the cemetery behind it, you may also enjoy seeing this lovely church, hearing its history and watching the walk-around. “St. John’s Episcopal Church is a historic Episcopal church located on the village green in the village ofContinue reading “Saint John’s Episcopal Church”

Strolling Lakeview Cemetery: Part 7

This area was filled with more expensive and larger grave monuments. I found an urn that had been set upright beside the pillar it had been dislodged from and a column that had fallen completely to the ground. Nature doesn’t care. It’s able to do as it wants. Perhaps a tree will move an urnContinue reading “Strolling Lakeview Cemetery: Part 7”

Introducing DC Linsley Whilst Strolling Lakeview Cemetery

Become briefly acquainted with Daniel C. Linsley in this video. He’s the one who designed the egg-shaped railroad tunnel in the Burlington, Vermont Intervale, for instance, among so many other interesting projects DC Linsley did in the US. When Lakeview Cemetery in Burlington, Vermont opened to the public in 1872, it was as a VictorianContinue reading “Introducing DC Linsley Whilst Strolling Lakeview Cemetery”

Strolling West or Middlebury Cemetery in Middlebury, Vermont What kind of week would it be if I didn’t offer a cemetery stroll, right?  I was working against the sun setting.  Although my camera offers some lighting tricks, such as it looking like daytime, it WAS getting dark. Middlebury Cemetery is also known as West Cemetery.  I’d like to know where the signageContinue reading “Strolling West or Middlebury Cemetery in Middlebury, Vermont”

A Haunting Experience at Lakeview Cemetery

Today’s video is a bit of a departure.  I have opted to share with you an other-worldly experience I had at Lakeview Cemetery in Burlington, Vermont. This happened back in March 2021.  I was there filming YouTube videos.  Let me set the scene… There were several inches of snow on the ground because we’d recentlyContinue reading “A Haunting Experience at Lakeview Cemetery”

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