Jarvis W. Adams, Died from Disease, American Civil War

All YouTube videos go live at 12:30 am Eastern Daylight Time. Jarvis W. Adams was born in 1842 in Ripton, Vermont. He enlisted as a Union soldier on August 30, 1861, at the age of 18. Jarvis mustered in on September 16, 1861, as a Private with Company F of the 5th Vermont Infantry. HeContinue reading “Jarvis W. Adams, Died from Disease, American Civil War”

William L. Belknap: American Civil War

William L. Belknap was born on January 23, 1836 in Springfield, Vermont. He enlisted on August 14, 1862. He mustered in on October 4, 1862 as a Private with Company G of the 12th Vermont Infantry. He mustered out on July 14, 1863. A pension was applied for on November 11, 1905. Belknap received theContinue reading “William L. Belknap: American Civil War”

Almon Enos: American Civil War

Almon Enos was born on February 2, 1843, in Middlebury, VT. He enlisted on December 28, 1861 and mustered in on February 12, 1862, as a Private in Company C, 7th Vermont Infantry. Enos was promoted to Corporal on January 20, 1864. He rank was reduced on July 1, 1864. He mustered out on AugustContinue reading “Almon Enos: American Civil War”


“…The U.S. federal government granted pensions to Union veterans of the Civil War, and to their widows, minor children, and dependent fathers and mothers. (The federal government did not grant pensions to former Confederate veterans or widows until 1959.)…”-www.archives.gov “…If the veteran survived the war, he applied for a pension based upon what was allowableContinue reading “PAID A SUBSTITUTE TO SERVE FOR HIM DURING THE AMERICAN CIVIL WAR”

Children’s Graves Revisited at Lakeview Cemetery

When I filmed these children’s graves back in June 2021, several headstones were tipped forward. This made some of them unreadable. There were others that were leaning in other directions as well. In September 2022, people from the Howard Center and the Vermont Old Cemetery Association joined forces to straighten these headstones. I must sayContinue reading “Children’s Graves Revisited at Lakeview Cemetery”

Old West Church Cemetery

According to the Vermont Old Cemetery Association, the graveyard was “first used in 1800 and contains 134 graves.” Admittedly, it did not look that big, but there were several tiny headstones, Plus, there were several monuments as well. They often have multiple names listed on them. The cemetery, overall, seemed to be in good condition.Continue reading “Old West Church Cemetery”

Photos on Headstones

The day before I filmed this video, I was at Resurrection Park filming a variety of shorts videos. Resurrection Park is the largest Catholic cemetery in the state of Vermont and opened in 1942. All the Bishops were moved to this cemetery. I discovered two headstones with pictures. One had an engraved plowtruck. The otherContinue reading “Photos on Headstones”

Reynolds-McGregor Cemetery in Alburgh, Vermont

According to the Vermont Old Cemetery Association, “[i]t was first used in 1806 and contains 27 graves.” During the filming, I incorrectly stated I thought this was the Reynolds Cemetery. I discovered with some more research that this is the Reynolds-McGregor Cemetery. Both are in Alburgh.

Burying Yard Point Memorial

According to the Vermont Old Cemetery Association, “Six+ Revolutionary War veterans buried here; destroyed in 1880 when a new bridge was built here, now marked by a monument. The following prominent people are buried here:Blanchard, William (1750-1836) – Revolutionary War.Hall, Enoch (1735-1807) – Revolutionary War.Knapp, Abraham (1739-1809) – Revolutionary War.Uttley, William (0-0) – Revolutionary War.Wales,Continue reading “Burying Yard Point Memorial”

South Cemetery in North Hero: VERY WELL CARED FOR!

According to the North Hero Cemetery Commission, no new burial plots are available in this cemetery. The Vermont Old Cemetery Association states this cemetery “was first used in 1790 and contains 300+ graves .” This is one of the best, if not the best, maintained cemetery I’ve yet walked. Kudos to the North Hero CemeteryContinue reading “South Cemetery in North Hero: VERY WELL CARED FOR!”

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