Why Does Dianne Volunteer to Repair Headstones??

All YouTube videos go live at 12:30 am Eastern Daylight Time. Join the LIVE CHAT! The chat lasts as long as the video plays. Let’s hang out!! Meet Dianne, who not only volunteers to repair headstones with the Vermont Old Cemetery Association, but her grandfather founded the organization. Her grandfather, Leon Dean, was an EnglishContinue reading “Why Does Dianne Volunteer to Repair Headstones??”

Grave Conversations

The woman from the Vermont Old Cemetery Association and I were talking shop about different aspects of cemeteries. I called them “Grave Conversations” because we touched on many subjects whilst standing in Elmwood Avenue Cemetery in Burlington, Vermont. Some of the topics covered were: -D2 cleaning solution required by the federal government -Bronze disc markersContinue reading “Grave Conversations”

Vermont Old Cemetery Association Information

“About VOCA: The Vermont Old Cemetery Association (VOCA) was founded in 1958 to encourage the restoration and preservation of neglected and abandoned cemeteries in the State of Vermont… Some Things We Do: …Our members are constantly working in all parts of the state, in cemeteries large and small, righting and cleaning grave markers, clearing brush,Continue reading “Vermont Old Cemetery Association Information”

Repaired & Clamped Headstone

I spent that incredibly hot and humid Saturday filming the work the Vermont Old Cemetery Association was doing to repair and clean headstones. Those volunteers worked solidly all of those four hours! In today’s video, you’ll see the fruits of their labor on this headstone. It’s clamped very well to make sure it stays together.Continue reading “Repaired & Clamped Headstone”