Winter snowstorm Oakley is expected to cover northern and central Vermont with 6-12″ of snow today. The winter storm warning is in effect until 10 pm. There is ICE beneath that snow! Be extra careful, if you need to go out. I fell HARD as I walked. And YES, I still hurt from my slip.


Snowstorm Landon dumped between 9 and 17 inches of snow on Vermont during Round 1 of its arrival. The Winter Storm Warning was extended on February 4, 2022 from 1 pm to 7 pm to give us another 1 to 3 inches of the white fluffy stuff. Oh the joy! And if that weren’t enough,Continue reading “SNOWSTORM LANDON: VERMONT STYLE!”

A Haunting Experience at Lakeview Cemetery

Today’s video is a bit of a departure.  I have opted to share with you an other-worldly experience I had at Lakeview Cemetery in Burlington, Vermont. This happened back in March 2021.  I was there filming YouTube videos.  Let me set the scene… There were several inches of snow on the ground because we’d recentlyContinue reading “A Haunting Experience at Lakeview Cemetery”

BRIEF History of Leaf Peeping (FALL FOLIAGE!) in Vermont

I had wanted to offer a leaf-peeping video,, on my channel because…’tis the season.  And I figured people would be interested, right?  But, what does THAT have to do with history?  Well, you may be interested to know that the term “leaf-peeper” likely evolved from “leaf-peeker”, which was coined in Vermont in the earlyContinue reading “BRIEF History of Leaf Peeping (FALL FOLIAGE!) in Vermont”

Sunshine on the Glorious Pink Flamingo!

Ahh, sunshine on that glorious pink flamingo!  Who knew Vermont had more than thunderstorms (as depicted on my channel, anyway), eh?  That said, the pink flamingo looked fabulous!  I figured you’d want to enjoy it as well! Link here: Thanks for watching! Please enjoy!!

Sunshine on Kale!

I couldn’t resist filming the sunshine on my kale plants because there’s also absolutely lovely weather in Vermont, too!  Link here: Please enjoy!

Watch and Listen to Falling Rain

ONE MORE BONUS VIDEO!!  Link here: I couldn’t resist because I LOVE the sound of falling rain! I’m not really traveling today given the rain was everywhere I wanted to go.  Enjoy the sound of the rain falling!  ASMR anyone?  #shorts

Enjoy the Sound of Rain

BONUS VIDEO!!  Link here: I’m not really traveling today given the rain was falling EVERYWHERE I wanted to go.  Anyway, it was raining and I opted to film 1 minute of it.  Enjoy the sound of the rain falling!  ASMR anyone?  #shorts There is no talking.  All you’ll hear is the sound of theContinue reading “Enjoy the Sound of Rain”

Soothing Sounds of a Thunderstorm

There is a severe thunderstorm warning in place here in Chittenden County, VT.  I enjoy the sounds of rainstorms.  Perhaps you do as well,…

Cascading Roof Water & Water Rushing Down Sidewalk During Thunderstorm!

Greetings All!  This is Patricia and I am Traveling for History! Bonus video today:!  Thanks to the Weather Channel’s severe weather alert, I managed to capture water cascading off the roof and completely bypassing the gutters!  Plus, you’ll see water pooling at the top of the sidewalk and running down. 

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