Premiere Video Time Change

Ok, so, people who know me know I am NOT a morning person. In order to have a video premiere at 5 am, I set my alarm for 4:30 am in order to post to social media and be awake for when the video starts. I have my videos go live at 5 am becauseContinue reading “Premiere Video Time Change”

Dog-gone Leg Saga Continues!

I’m not comfortable with the level of redness below the second wound. It’s been hot to the touch and warm as well. I was seen last Thursday by the same Nurse Practitioner. So, I’m on another course of the antibiotic. The redness has changed from beet red to a dusky pink. The wound and theContinue reading “Dog-gone Leg Saga Continues!”

Leg Saga

The bandage is GONE!! The Nurse Practitioner was happy with the healing process of my wounds. And she decided I didn’t need another bandage! HALLELUJAH!! I must be careful that I not scrub too hard and inadvertently scrub off the scabs in the shower or rub too vigorously when drying off. NOT A PROBLEM!! IContinue reading “Leg Saga”

Dang Leg Wounds!

Well, I have a wrap on my leg because there are 2 wounds that weren’t healing as they should. My video will give you all the pertinent info!

Aubuchon Hardware Will Become Jo-Ann’s Fabrics After Expansion

Once I saw the notices in the window of the former Aubuchon Hardware store in South Burlington, I knew I had to see what they said. And that’s the context of this video. Those notices are faced INSIDE the building! However, there IS a zoning notice taped inside the other window for any and allContinue reading “Aubuchon Hardware Will Become Jo-Ann’s Fabrics After Expansion”

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