South Willard Street, Burlington, Vermont: Walking Tour

Today’s video,, is a walking tour of South Willard Street, located in Burlington, Vermont, between Main and Maple Streets.  We are on the even-numbered side from 158 to 216.  Learn something about the building’s style and the first owner or two. South Willard Street is in the Hill Section.  And this stretch contains someContinue reading “South Willard Street, Burlington, Vermont: Walking Tour”

Strolling Lakeview Cemetery: Part 4

Today’s video,, is Part 3 of my recent stroll of Lakeview Cemetery in Burlington, VT.  As I record more strolls of this beautiful cemetery, I plan to intersperse them here and there on my channel.  That place has 7 MILES of paths!  It’ll take awhile to stroll it all.  MYSTERY SOLVED!  Those flowering plantsContinue reading “Strolling Lakeview Cemetery: Part 4”

Strolling Lakeview Cemetery: Part 2

Today’s video,, is Part 2 of my stroll at Lakeview Cemetery in beautiful Burlington, VT.  I opted to take a walk in an area I had never visited: a newer section!  We’ll discover another entrance and this one was tree-lined!  We’ll be greeted by multiple veterans with their flags waving in the breeze.  We’llContinue reading “Strolling Lakeview Cemetery: Part 2”

Sunshine on the Glorious Pink Flamingo!

Ahh, sunshine on that glorious pink flamingo!  Who knew Vermont had more than thunderstorms (as depicted on my channel, anyway), eh?  That said, the pink flamingo looked fabulous!  I figured you’d want to enjoy it as well! Link here: Thanks for watching! Please enjoy!!

Sunshine on Kale!

I couldn’t resist filming the sunshine on my kale plants because there’s also absolutely lovely weather in Vermont, too!  Link here: Please enjoy!

Strolling Lakeview Cemetery: Part 1

A friend had suggested I offer a stroll of Lakeview Cemetery in Burlington, VT.  It’s taken a while to return to my stomping grounds, but I have returned!  In today’s video, we start at the guardrail on the side where a car must drive to enter the cemetery proper.  We’ll continue down that path untilContinue reading “Strolling Lakeview Cemetery: Part 1”

Tanker Train Cars!

I filmed today’s video,, down at the Waterfront in Burlington, VT.  Those tanker cars called my name.  You’ll see multiple switch tracks, a lever mechanism, which does the switching, tracks side-by-side, extra rail tracks(!) stacked (for installation?)and LOTS of tanker cars…some up close!!  I had never heard of Thiele-Kaolin, whose name was on theContinue reading “Tanker Train Cars!”

Burlington’s Unknown War of 1812 Military Dead: Small Pox Epidemic?

Today’s video is about “Burlington’s Unknown”.  They were War of 1812 Soldiers & Sailors who may have died during the small pox epidemic.  These men are buried at Lakeview Cemetery in Burlington, VT. Burlington’s Unknown “In this area lie the remains of some of the city’s earliest residents.  They resided here from the early toContinue reading “Burlington’s Unknown War of 1812 Military Dead: Small Pox Epidemic?”

John J. Flynn: A Charitable Man

In today’s video,, I share with you what was in John J. Flynn’s will, according to a 1940 Burlington Free Press article, which was written a few days after his death.  John Flynn was born in Dorset, VT and moved to Burlington, VT.  He began working as a migrant farmer, rose to manager andContinue reading “John J. Flynn: A Charitable Man”

Plainmont Cemetery: Part 3

Today’s video is Part 3 of my visit to Plainmont Cemetery, which is on the border of East Montpelier and Plainfield, VT.  It is the last segment of this lovely place.  The cemetery is flat, paved and well-cared for.  Absolutely NO broken headstones anywhere!  The first burial was in 1909 and given the fresh burialsContinue reading “Plainmont Cemetery: Part 3”

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