King Street Tenement Houses

Greetings All!  This is Patricia and I am Traveling for History!! Today’s video,, is on the King Street Tenement Houses.  All are located in the top block adjacent to South Winooski Avenue in Burlington, VT.  In this video, I share who built each building, why who the first tenants were and what they didContinue reading “King Street Tenement Houses”

Hickok-Burlington Cotton Company Tenement Building

“The Hickock-Burlington Cotton Company Tenement Building,, is probably one of the oldest surviving buildings at Winooski Falls. The structure was originally constructed to serve as a store for Reuben Harmon in 1811. Although Harmon lost the store to creditors less than seven months after it opened, the building continued to serve as a storeContinue reading “Hickok-Burlington Cotton Company Tenement Building”

Burlington Cotton Company Tenement Building

Today’s video,, is on the Burlington Cotton Company Tenement Building located on Barrett Street in Burlington, VT. “The building was probably built shortly after the construction of Barrett Street as a rental property by Henry P. Hickock (president of the Merchants National Bank in Burlington), who with his wife also owned 485 Colchester AvenueContinue reading “Burlington Cotton Company Tenement Building”

Dubuc & Burlington Cotton Company Tenement Buildings

Today’s video,, is the first in a series on the ancillary buildings necessary to working near and in mills.  In fact, all of the buildings were part of a concerted effort to increase the boundary of the Winooski Falls Mill Historic District back in the early 1990’s. Want to see ALL my photographs? GoContinue reading “Dubuc & Burlington Cotton Company Tenement Buildings”