Broad Brook House: One of the Oldest Taverns in Vermont!

“The Guilford Country Store is located at 475 Coolidge Highway (United States Route 5) in Guilford, Vermont, in the 1817 Broad Brook House, one of the oldest surviving tavern houses in the state, which has been in continuous use as a general store since 1936. The building was listed on the National Register of HistoricContinue reading “Broad Brook House: One of the Oldest Taverns in Vermont!”

Kent’s Tavern: National Register!

Historic Marker: “This brick tavern was built by Abdiel Kent between 1833 and 1837. It served as his home, and from 1837 to 1846 was a stagecoach stop on the road from Montpelier to Canada. The Kent family settled in Calais in 1798 and this section of town is known as Kents Corners. One ofContinue reading “Kent’s Tavern: National Register!”

History of Equinox House

“The Equinox stands as an icon of life in New England over the past two centuries. Steeped in history, The Equinox has been a hotbed for American Revolutionaries, hosted presidents and served guests in one fashion or another since 1769. REVOLUTIONARY BEGINNINGS: Originally known as the Marsh Tavern, it was here that the local CouncilContinue reading “History of Equinox House”

Hathaway’s Tavern: National Register!

“Hathaway’s Tavern is a historic public accommodation at 255 North Main Street in the city of St. Albans, Vermont, United States. Built in 1793, it is the city’s oldest surviving building, and was briefly used as the seat of the Franklin County government. A private residence since 1805, it was listed on the National RegisterContinue reading “Hathaway’s Tavern: National Register!”

Tavern on Mutton Hill in Charlotte, Vermont

Today’s video is about the Tavern on Mutton Hill in Charlotte, Vermont. Fun story about using Google Maps as my GPS. Directions were to turn onto Church Hill Road. Okey dokey. “Turn right onto Tavern Road.” Um, there was NO Tavern Road. There was a Mutton Hill Road to my left. From there was aContinue reading “Tavern on Mutton Hill in Charlotte, Vermont”

Stagecoach Inn: Leicester, Vermont I was in Leicester, Vermont on Friday, November 19, 2021 to film today’s video on the Stagecoach Inn.  Its condition is poor.  Paint peeling, galvanized roof rusting, most windows boarded up with those few other windows not having their blinds fully drawn, give an aura of an abandoned building.  It’s sad for a placeContinue reading “Stagecoach Inn: Leicester, Vermont”

Touring Merrill Cemetery in Colchester, Vermont: Part 2

In today’s YouTube video,, we shall meet the Merrill family among so many others… “The Merrill Cemetery, located across the road from the entrance to St. Michael’s College on College Parkway, in the Fort area of town, was quitclaim deeded over to the college by the town in August 2005. According to the DegreeContinue reading “Touring Merrill Cemetery in Colchester, Vermont: Part 2”

Hickok-Burlington Cotton Company Tenement Building

“The Hickock-Burlington Cotton Company Tenement Building,, is probably one of the oldest surviving buildings at Winooski Falls. The structure was originally constructed to serve as a store for Reuben Harmon in 1811. Although Harmon lost the store to creditors less than seven months after it opened, the building continued to serve as a storeContinue reading “Hickok-Burlington Cotton Company Tenement Building”

The Old Stone House in Winooski, VT

Greetings All!!  This is Patricia and I am Traveling for History! Today’s video is on The Old Stone House in Winooski, VT. Link here:  It is the likely the oldest building in Winooski and the last one standing from the just-post Revolutionary War.  Watch my video to learn more! Thank you for subscribing toContinue reading “The Old Stone House in Winooski, VT”

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