Traveling for History Went Live!

This video is a celebration of the 500+ subscribers to my channel! I offered a description of a lens kit I purchased, which does NOT live up to its hype. 🙁 I am NOT a happy camper about this. Since this was my first live video EVER, you’ll find that when I moved my phoneContinue reading “Traveling for History Went Live!”

Call to Action: Let’s Gain Another 15 Subs!

This is a Call to Action video! Once 15 or more people join my channel, I’ll offer a special LIVE video! I’ve never done a live video before. It’ll be a new experience for us all! If you have any questions you’d like me to answer, shoot me an email: or write it inContinue reading “Call to Action: Let’s Gain Another 15 Subs!”

Send Me Your Questions!! 500 Subs=Q&A Video!

I currently have 389 subscribers. And thank you for subscribing to my channel! It means so much to me. Once I hit 500 subscribers, I want to answer your questions. Please don’t DM me on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook or Twitter. I don’t respond to any of those. Please DO leave questions in the Youtube comments.Continue reading “Send Me Your Questions!! 500 Subs=Q&A Video!”


I know I am beyond fortunate that 329 of you have subscribed to my YouTube channel. I am so thankful that it’s hard to put into words how grateful I am. I strive to film interesting places for us. Upcoming are some cemeteries, more buildings on the National Register of Historic Places and maybe evenContinue reading “LET’S HIT 340 SUBSCRIBERS BY NOVEMBER 30, 2022!”

Can We CRUSH the August Sub Numbers???

On July 23, 2022, I asked if we could hit 250 subscribers by the end of the month. I had 232 subscribers (and THANK YOU FOR SUBSCRIBING!) at that time. So, I was asking for 18 more before August 1. There was a point when I was averaging 2-3 per day, so, I thought itContinue reading “Can We CRUSH the August Sub Numbers???”

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