What’s Inside the Crypt?

This “crypt” was actually used to store cemetery implements. It was built first to the other one in the Hinesburg Village Cemetery. As you’ll be able to see, this vault is quite small. Given the position of the door, which was NOT budging, I could not walk in. A friend was with me and sheContinue reading “What’s Inside the Crypt?”

Let’s Enter the Tomb!

“A receiving vault or receiving tomb,[1] sometimes also known as a public vault, is a structure designed to temporarily store dead bodies in winter months when the ground is too frozen to dig a permanent grave in a cemetery. Technological advancements in excavation, embalming, and refrigeration have rendered the receiving vault obsolete. Receiving vaults largelyContinue reading “Let’s Enter the Tomb!”

Fall Foliage Has Begun in Vermont

Ahh, the fall foliage has begun. Since tourism is Vermont’s number one industry, the changing of the leaves is darned good for the state coffers! As I filmed structures on the National Register of Historic Places, I also captured much shorter videos of Nature doing her thing. In fact, the location of this video willContinue reading “Fall Foliage Has Begun in Vermont”

2 Mourning Doves on My Patio!

https://youtube.com/shorts/T-68dfI9TJc?feature=share As I sat on my patio, a mourning dove flew in near me. I was surprised because they usually fly onto the sidewalk in front and then start eating from the gravel, where I sometimes sweep the nyger birdseed. They’ll eventually wander onto the patio to eat the freshest stuff! Before I even realizedContinue reading “2 Mourning Doves on My Patio!”

Chipmunk Chowing Down

Did you know… nyjer seed tastes bitter to chipmunks? safflower seeds are their favorite seed and also taste bitter? chipmunks are rodents? are solitary creatures, live alone in their burrows and interact with other chipmunks mainly during mating season? carry common diseases such as Hantavirus, salmonella, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, encephalitis, rabies and even theContinue reading “Chipmunk Chowing Down”

Thunder and Rain

I filmed this a few weeks ago because I love a thunderstorm and heavy rain. I figured you’d also enjoy it.

Fountain Walkaround

Enjoy the sounds and walkaround of this beautiful fountain located on the Town Green in Bristol, Vermont!

Carport Farewell to My Dodge Magnum

https://youtube.com/shorts/sA8zXukzq_8?feature=share On June 16, 2022 I traded my ’06 Dodge Magnum for a newer vehicle. No worries, video coming! Although I am heartbroken over giving up my car, I will NOT miss the expensive and ongoing repairs. I bought my car in 2009 and loved it for nearly all the years I owned it. IContinue reading “Carport Farewell to My Dodge Magnum”

Clouds at Sunset

https://youtube.com/shorts/OWCv1MD8bAM?feature=share As I was driving to my friends’ house, I was enthralled by the humongous clouds. So, when it was safe to pull over, I opted to photograph and film. The bonus was capturing the sunset as well.

Water Lapping the Shore

A few years ago, I had flown out to Chicago to meet a friend who was driving to Vermont. We had many adventures, including this one captured in my video. This was LOOOOONG before I had my channel, so no intro or outro at all. That said, you know the drill: SUBSCRIBE, SUBSCRIBE AND DIDContinue reading “Water Lapping the Shore”

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