TEASER VIDEO for the Lampson School in New Haven, Vermont

Today’s video, https://youtu.be/gAFG2W29ba8, is a TEASER for an upcoming video on the former Lampson School in New Haven, Vermont.  Why a teaser?  Well… TRUE STORY!  The day I drove to record the East Shoreham Covered Railroad Bridge, I had four targets in mind.  They were the aforementioned bridge, the East Shoreham Cemetery, the Union ChurchContinue reading “TEASER VIDEO for the Lampson School in New Haven, Vermont”

The Champlain School

Greetings All!  This is Patricia and I am Traveling for History! Today’s video, link here: https://youtu.be/wH-O-I89QdE, is about The Champlain School on Pine Street in Burlington, VT.  It was built in 1909- the Tercentenary!  That was the 300th anniversary of Samuel de Champlain’s discovery of the lake he boldly named after himself.  Learn more byContinue reading “The Champlain School”

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