Sudbury District School No. 3

I drove to Sudbury, Vermont last week and truly enjoyed filming this district school. Be prepared to see some of the interior! That map pulled down in front of the chalkboard brought back great school memories for me. Will they for you, too? “The Sudbury School No. 3, also known as the Hill School, isContinue reading “Sudbury District School No. 3”

Mr. Paul S. Danyow: MY High School Principal!

I had been thinking about my high school principal, Mr. Paul S. Danyow. So, I conducted some research and discovered he was buried at the Village Cemetery in Shelburne, Vermont. That cemetery is HUGE! And I had no idea where in there he was interred. So, I contacted the Town Clerk’s Office in Shelburne. AContinue reading “Mr. Paul S. Danyow: MY High School Principal!”

INSIDE UVM’S Waterman Building!

Today’s video is Part 1 of my INTERIOR visit to Waterman Building at the University of Vermont located in beautiful Burlington, Vermont! Do you know how NICE it was to film INSIDE??? No jacket, no gloves, no wishing for warmer air! Alas though, I did wear a mask. I am still understandable, though. And that’sContinue reading “INSIDE UVM’S Waterman Building!”

District No. 8 School in Georgia, Vermont

I’ve been filming in Georgia, Vermont recently and have met some absolutely lovely people along the way. “The District No. 8 School, also known locally as the Brick School, is a historic school building on United States Route 7 in Georgia, Vermont. Built in 1891, it was one of the last district schools to be built in the state, whichContinue reading “District No. 8 School in Georgia, Vermont”

Ira Allen Chapel: University of Vermont Campus

“One of Burlington’s most prominent landmarks with its gold-domed bell tower rising 165 feet above the UVM campus, Ira Allen Chapel was built to hold one thousand persons. A gift to the University from James Benjamin Wilbur of Manchester, VT, and named for the founder of the University, this facility replaced the cramped chapel spaceContinue reading “Ira Allen Chapel: University of Vermont Campus”

Waterman Building: University of Vermont Campus

MERRY CHRISTMAS ALL! “This large brick building with monumental Vermont marble columns facing the west side of the University Green serves as UVM’s main administration building. Built in 1940-41 to the Colonial Revival design of the McKim, Meade and White architectural firm, the Waterman Building was the gift of Senator Waterman of Denver, Colorado, asContinue reading “Waterman Building: University of Vermont Campus”

District No. 5 Schoolhouse in Underhill, Vermont

Today’s video is such a treat. I was in Underhill, Vermont, yesterday and filmed the District No. 5 Schoolhouse, which now houses the Underhill Historical Society. Unfortunately, it was not open. That said, the blinds were and I was able to snap photos and film! Yay!! Plus, there was a parking lot! I cannot tellContinue reading “District No. 5 Schoolhouse in Underhill, Vermont”

Cicero Goddard Peck House in Hinesburg, Vermont

In today’s video, I share with you the Cicero Goddard Peck House located in Hinesburg, Vermont. It is a splendid example of the Queen Anne Architectural Style. “The Cicero Goddard Peck House is a historic house at 18 Mechanicsville Road in Hinesburg, Vermont. Built in 1896 by a prominent town benefactor, it is a well-preserved example of QueenContinue reading “Cicero Goddard Peck House in Hinesburg, Vermont”

Bittersweet: Home to the Environmental Program on the UVM Campus in Burlington, Vermont “Bittersweet was built as a store in the spring of 1809 for Burlington merchant, Ichabod Tuttle (whose father, Thaddeus Tuttle, lived in nearby Grasse Mount). Prominently located on the corner of Main Street and South Prospect Street, this two-and-a-half story brick building has been altered slightly with various additions and changes to its fenestrationContinue reading “Bittersweet: Home to the Environmental Program on the UVM Campus in Burlington, Vermont”

Clement House, Home to the Admissions Office on the University of Vermont Campus in Burlington, Vermont Today’s video is on the history of Clement House, home to the Admissions Office on South Prospect Street of the University of Vermont campus in Burlington, Vermont. Plus, I do a walk-around of the property. This is the first in my series of UVM buildings.  Stay tuned for more interesting places! “This Italianate styleContinue reading “Clement House, Home to the Admissions Office on the University of Vermont Campus in Burlington, Vermont”

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