Brick School Museum Closes for Season on September 24, 2022!!

4127 Ethan Allen Highway (that’s Route 7) is the address and it’s located across the street from the Georgia Fire and Rescue building. This place is definitely worth your time to visit. Any of the volunteers is likely happy to share stories with you. Just ask! “The Georgia Historical Society (GHS) was started in 1975.Continue reading “Brick School Museum Closes for Season on September 24, 2022!!”

Addison Town Hall

“The Addison Town Hall sits at the center of the village of Addison Four Corners in Addison, Vermont, at the junction of VT Route 22A and VT Route 17. Addison is a rural agricultural community in Addison County, with some remaining working dairy farms. The shores of Lake Champlain make up the western edge ofContinue reading “Addison Town Hall”

Fairfield Street School: National Register of Historic Places!

“The Fairfield Street School is a historic school building at 78 Fairfield Street in the city of St. Albans, Vermont. Built in 1911, it served as a school until 1970, and is now converted into residential use. It is a prominent local example of Colonial Revival architecture, designed by Burlington architect Frank Lyman Austin. ItContinue reading “Fairfield Street School: National Register of Historic Places!”

District Schoolhouse No. 2 in Georgia, Vermont

The District Schoolhouse No. 2 is in Georgia, Vermont in a rural area. Plenty of May flies for everyone! I even captured them on video. Also, just as I began to film, practically every vehicle known to man was on the road! Many people stopped to let me cross the street, which was lovely. However,Continue reading “District Schoolhouse No. 2 in Georgia, Vermont”

Emma Willard House

Today’s video is on the Emma Willard House, which is now owned by Middlebury College. This is apropos because Emma Willard was an education pioneer for women. “The Emma Willard House is a historic house at 131 South Main Street in Middlebury, Vermont, United States. Built in 1809, it was from 1809 to 1819 theContinue reading “Emma Willard House”

Burlington High School Exterior Walkaround: Part 2

My High School is going to be torn down. The plan is to build on the same site and the fifth incarnation of Burlington High School will be built. As I wrote that, my throat tightened and tears formed in my eyes. I have so many great memories of my time spent there. In thisContinue reading “Burlington High School Exterior Walkaround: Part 2”

Burlington High School Exterior Walkaround: Part 1

Today’s video is Part 1 of an exterior walkaround of Burlington High School. I graduated from this school nearly 40 years ago. I understand why it needs to be demolished. It still breaks my heart, though. I really want to film the inside of the whole school. Can anyone help me with this endeavor??? Please!Continue reading “Burlington High School Exterior Walkaround: Part 1”

Sudbury District School No. 3

I drove to Sudbury, Vermont last week and truly enjoyed filming this district school. Be prepared to see some of the interior! That map pulled down in front of the chalkboard brought back great school memories for me. Will they for you, too? “The Sudbury School No. 3, also known as the Hill School, isContinue reading “Sudbury District School No. 3”

Mr. Paul S. Danyow: MY High School Principal!

I had been thinking about my high school principal, Mr. Paul S. Danyow. So, I conducted some research and discovered he was buried at the Village Cemetery in Shelburne, Vermont. That cemetery is HUGE! And I had no idea where in there he was interred. So, I contacted the Town Clerk’s Office in Shelburne. AContinue reading “Mr. Paul S. Danyow: MY High School Principal!”

INSIDE UVM’S Waterman Building!

Today’s video is Part 1 of my INTERIOR visit to Waterman Building at the University of Vermont located in beautiful Burlington, Vermont! Do you know how NICE it was to film INSIDE??? No jacket, no gloves, no wishing for warmer air! Alas though, I did wear a mask. I am still understandable, though. And that’sContinue reading “INSIDE UVM’S Waterman Building!”

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