Hitler’s Furies: So Disappointing

I am deeply disappointed by this book. Wendy Lower’s writing, as described by another reviewer, was certainly “pedestrian”. It is dry and full of minutiae. I completely understand wanting to share EVERYTHING I’ve learned about a topic because I’m excited to share. Ms. Lower’s writing was dull. She was writing a book on a facetContinue reading “Hitler’s Furies: So Disappointing”


In today’s video, I introduce you to the WORST BOOK I have ever tried to read! THE BIG BOOK OF CONGRESSIONAL MEDAL OF HONOR…is absolute rubbish! Let’s start with what it does not have. There is no Table of Contents There is no publication pageThere is no indexTHERE ARE NO PAGE NUMBERS!! THE AUTHOR’S NAMEContinue reading “WORST BOOK EVER! DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON IT!!”

HOW TO MELLIFY A CORPSE: Book Recommendation

BONUS! My cat, Sargie, joins me! “In How to Mellify a Corpse, Vicki León brings her particular hybrid of history and humor to the entwined subjects of science and superstition in the ancient world, from Athens and Rome to Mesopotamia, the Holy Land, Egypt, and Carthage. León covers subjects as diverse as astronomy and astrology,Continue reading “HOW TO MELLIFY A CORPSE: Book Recommendation”

Puluz Smartphone Video Rig Kit Review

Today’s video is a review of the Puluz Smartphone Video Rig Kit. I use this item extensively when I film videos for YouTube. I begin with Amazon’s description because I purchased it from Amazon. I was looking for the least expensive option that also included the most options and versatility. Next, I explain what IContinue reading “Puluz Smartphone Video Rig Kit Review”

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