South Stone School House: National Register!

“The South Stone School House is a historic school building at Main Street and Quarry Road in Isle La Motte, Vermont. Built in 1843, it served the town as a district school until 1932, and has served as home to its historical society since then. It was probably built by James Ritchie, a noted localContinue reading “South Stone School House: National Register!”

GUIDED INTERIOR TOUR of Georgia Historical Society Museum!

I spent an absolutely delightful Saturday afternoon with Cindy Ploof, who is the President of the Georgia Historical Society. She offered me a GUIDED TOUR of the INTERIOR of the District School No. 8, which is the location of the Georgia Historical Society Museum. 4127 Ethan Allen Highway (that’s Route 7) is the address andContinue reading “GUIDED INTERIOR TOUR of Georgia Historical Society Museum!”

Saint Albans Museum TEASER VIDEO

I had the great fortune of meeting with Lisa Evans, the Executive Director of the Saint Albans Museum. She offered me a tour of this wonderful place. This is an Historical Society museum. What does that mean? An Historical Society preserves its area’s history. Oftentimes, they are the keepers of the objects, too. The SocietyContinue reading “Saint Albans Museum TEASER VIDEO”

Fairfield Street School: National Register of Historic Places!

“The Fairfield Street School is a historic school building at 78 Fairfield Street in the city of St. Albans, Vermont. Built in 1911, it served as a school until 1970, and is now converted into residential use. It is a prominent local example of Colonial Revival architecture, designed by Burlington architect Frank Lyman Austin. ItContinue reading “Fairfield Street School: National Register of Historic Places!”

Warren Robinson Austin: First UN Ambassador Representing US

In today’s video, I share the incredible political rise and accomplishments of Warren Robinson Austin. He is buried at Lakeview Cemetery and has an interesting grave monument. It is a rectangular frame, which suggests a door to the afterlife. “Warren Robinson Austin (November 12, 1877 – December 25, 1962) was an American politician and diplomatContinue reading “Warren Robinson Austin: First UN Ambassador Representing US”

Burlington High School Exterior Walkaround: Part 2

My High School is going to be torn down. The plan is to build on the same site and the fifth incarnation of Burlington High School will be built. As I wrote that, my throat tightened and tears formed in my eyes. I have so many great memories of my time spent there. In thisContinue reading “Burlington High School Exterior Walkaround: Part 2”

Burlington High School Exterior Walkaround: Part 1

Today’s video is Part 1 of an exterior walkaround of Burlington High School. I graduated from this school nearly 40 years ago. I understand why it needs to be demolished. It still breaks my heart, though. I really want to film the inside of the whole school. Can anyone help me with this endeavor??? Please!Continue reading “Burlington High School Exterior Walkaround: Part 1”

Cornwall Town Hall

“The Cornwall Town Hall is located at 2629 Vermont Route 30 in Cornwall, Vermont. Built in 1880 and enlarged in 1905 to also house the local Grange chapter, it is one of the rural community’s few examples of Italianate architecture, and has served as a community meeting point since its construction. It was listed onContinue reading “Cornwall Town Hall”

Monkton Town Hall

“Monkton Town Hall is a historic government building on Monkton Ridge Road in Monkton, Vermont. Built in 1859, it is a fine local example of Greek Revival architecture. For many years it was the site of town meetings, and it now houses the town offices. It was listed on the National Register of Historic PlacesContinue reading “Monkton Town Hall”

INSIDE UVM’S Waterman Building: Part 2

Today’s video is Part 2 of my INTERIOR visit to Waterman Building at the University of Vermont located in beautiful Burlington, Vermont!  Do you know how NICE it was to film INSIDE???  No jacket, no gloves, no wishing for warmer air!  Alas though, I did have to wear a mask. (I wear a mask wheneverContinue reading “INSIDE UVM’S Waterman Building: Part 2”

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