St. Joseph Providence Orphan Asylum and Hospital

“The building was constructed between 1879 and 1883 under the oversight of Father John S. Michaud.[2] The interior of the building in its original construction consisted of a large kitchen in the back right, large recreation rooms on last two or three bays of either end, and a laundry room in a rear extension, asContinue reading “St. Joseph Providence Orphan Asylum and Hospital”

St. Joseph’s Orphanage in Pics

Today’s video is St. Joseph’s Orphanage in Pics.  I snapped each and every one of these photos myself.  They are accompanied by lovely music.  I already have a much longer video on this topic I posted months ago, if you’re interested. “St. Joseph’s Orphanage was operated by the Sisters of Providence from 1854 to 1974.Continue reading “St. Joseph’s Orphanage in Pics”

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