Stagecoach Inn: Leicester, Vermont I was in Leicester, Vermont on Friday, November 19, 2021 to film today’s video on the Stagecoach Inn.  Its condition is poor.  Paint peeling, galvanized roof rusting, most windows boarded up with those few other windows not having their blinds fully drawn, give an aura of an abandoned building.  It’s sad for a placeContinue reading “Stagecoach Inn: Leicester, Vermont”

School House and Town Hall in Leicester, Vermont I traveled to Leicester, Vermont recently and filmed some interesting places.  Leicester, Vermont is in Addison County and is south of Middlebury.  It is a straightforward drive on Route 7.  In fact, on that Friday afternoon, there was a several mile stretch when I was alone on Route 7: a major thoroughfare!  on theContinue reading “School House and Town Hall in Leicester, Vermont”