Captains Louis and Philomène Daniels House

“The Capts. Louis and Philomene Daniels House is a historic house at 50 Macdonough Drive in Vergennes, Vermont. Built in 1868, this vernacular waterfront house was home to Philomene Daniels, believed to be the first woman to be given a steamship captain’s license. She, her husband Louis, and their two sons operated the Daniels BoatContinue reading “Captains Louis and Philomène Daniels House”

The Moran Municipal Generation Station, now the Moran Frame

“The Moran Municipal Generation Station is a former 30-megawatt power plant known for its architecture and innovation built in Burlington, Vermont from 1952 to 1955. It is now a derelict structure that will be redeveloped to encourage year-round use, economic activity and public access.[3] The Moran Plant is located at 475 Lake Street on theContinue reading “The Moran Municipal Generation Station, now the Moran Frame”

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