From Seven Days VT: ‘”Conventional wisdom holds that the first three rules for choosing commercial real estate are location, location and location. If that’s the case, what’s the deal with the old Sand Bar Inn, a long-vacant motel on the west side of the Sandbar Causeway in South Hero? If ever a spot were primeContinue reading “ABANDONED Sand Bar Inn”

South Hero Inn

“The South Hero Inn is a historic commercial building at 301 United States Route 2 (corner of South Street) in the center of South Hero, Vermont. Built in 1829, it is a prominent local example of a stone building with Federal and Greek Revival features, and served as a traveler accommodation until the early 1970s.Continue reading “South Hero Inn”

Montgomery House: National Register!

“The Montgomery House is a historic travel accommodation on Vermont Route 118 in the center of Montgomery, Vermont. Built in 1803, it is one of the town’s oldest buildings, and it served for many years as a social and civic center in the small community. It was listed on the National Register of Historic PlacesContinue reading “Montgomery House: National Register!”

Bristol Coach House

“BRISTOL – About 1800, Bristol town resident Abraham Gaige built a private residence on West Street in the area where the Merchants Bank is located today, which he opened to travelers and called it “Public House.” It burned in 1817. By 1820 Gaige built a new “Public House” at the corner of Main and NorthContinue reading “Bristol Coach House”

Highgate Manor: A Stop on the Underground Railroad!

“Highgate Manor is a manor located on Vermont Route 207 in Highgate, Vermont.[1] It has been used as a home, as a bed and breakfast, and as a dance hall. Local legend says that the children of a doctor who once owned the house and performed experiments on them have remained in the house sinceContinue reading “Highgate Manor: A Stop on the Underground Railroad!”

Tavern on Mutton Hill in Charlotte, Vermont

Today’s video is about the Tavern on Mutton Hill in Charlotte, Vermont. Fun story about using Google Maps as my GPS. Directions were to turn onto Church Hill Road. Okey dokey. “Turn right onto Tavern Road.” Um, there was NO Tavern Road. There was a Mutton Hill Road to my left. From there was aContinue reading “Tavern on Mutton Hill in Charlotte, Vermont”

Stagecoach Inn: Leicester, Vermont

https://youtu.be/fI5CUVtssbE I was in Leicester, Vermont on Friday, November 19, 2021 to film today’s video on the Stagecoach Inn.  Its condition is poor.  Paint peeling, galvanized roof rusting, most windows boarded up with those few other windows not having their blinds fully drawn, give an aura of an abandoned building.  It’s sad for a placeContinue reading “Stagecoach Inn: Leicester, Vermont”