Frank Gaylord: Creator of Korean War Veterans Memorial

Vanetti & Zampieri Mausoleums at Hope Cemetery

“BARRE CITY – Tullio Zampieri, 97, of White Street, died early Sunday morning July 27, 2014, at the Central Vermont Medical Center in Berlin after a brief illness and a long battle with Alzheimer’s disease. He was surrounded by his loving family. Born Aug. 28, 1916 in Barre City, he was the son of MarioContinue reading “Vanetti & Zampieri Mausoleums at Hope Cemetery”

Hope Cemetery’s FuneraryArt: Part 3

“Hope Cemetery is a rural cemetery[1] in Barre, Vermont. The city calls itself the “Granite Capital of the World”, and the cemetery is known for the superb granite craftsmanship on its memorials and tombstones. Barre is also home to the world’s largest “deep hole” granite quarry, the Rock of Ages quarry, also known as theContinue reading “Hope Cemetery’s FuneraryArt: Part 3”

Rouleau Mausoleum at Hope Cemetery

After I filmed, I conducted some research. I discovered there is a Rouleau Granite Company. Presuming the Rouleaus buried here are related, it makes sense they would have such an amazing mausoleum. You’ll discover some other wonderful mausoleums in this video. Plus, an interesting “resume” on the back of a crypt. Come with me toContinue reading “Rouleau Mausoleum at Hope Cemetery”

Alexander Lewitan, M.D. Memorial Fountain at Hope Cemetery

Today’s video is all about the Alexander Lewitan M.D. Memorial Fountain located at Hope Cemetery in Barre, Vermont. Dr. Alexander Lewitan was born in Lithuania on January 27, 1910. He married Celia DeVecchi in 1942, who passed in 2005. Dr. Lewitan died October 3, 1982 at the age of 72. They are buried at HopeContinue reading “Alexander Lewitan, M.D. Memorial Fountain at Hope Cemetery”