Excavators & Mist Cannon Working Hard!

https://youtube.com/shorts/2DxSss3ma2Y?feature=share All YouTube videos go live at 12:30 am Eastern Daylight Time. These excavators are moving dirt from one pile into another. They are working on the property where Burlington High School barely remains. The buildings are being demolished due to PCB contamination. Note the mist cannon spraying towards them from the right. The purposeContinue reading “Excavators & Mist Cannon Working Hard!”

Kubota LA481 Front End Loader Working!

https://youtube.com/shorts/Z-GGlwage4A?feature=share All YouTube videos go live at 12:30 am Eastern Daylight Time. I absolutely loved to see this front end loader on a tractor chassis working today! This thing could carry plenty!! I’m sure the two workers truly appreciated that as well. “The Kubota LA481 loader is available for Kubota L2900, L3010, and L3410 tractors.Continue reading “Kubota LA481 Front End Loader Working!”

Tree Chipper Powering Down…

All videos go live at 12:30 am Eastern Daylight Time. https://youtube.com/shorts/tAgPrS7-ogU?feature=share I have never seen a tree chipper powering down. Have you? I’m glad I filmed it because I enjoyed listening to the motor getting quieter. Hope you do, too. 😛

Road Paving/Tarring Prep

https://youtube.com/shorts/W-julbJMIM4?feature=share I heard a ton of noise outside. Friends told me there was road paving going on. I stepped outside and filmed nearly 3 minutes of footage. These 27 seconds were the best because the sun had set. Roadtec SB-1500e/ex: “The Roadtec Shuttle Buggy® material transfer vehicle SB-1500 features a low weight and narrower wheelContinue reading “Road Paving/Tarring Prep”

More Burlington High School Demolition

According to the Burlington School District, they expect the demolition to be completed very soon. A Building may be completely demolished by Saturday afternoon. That’s wild, but very likely doable. As you’ll see both in the video and photos, those machines have wreaked a ton of havoc already. And that’s what they’re supposed to do.Continue reading “More Burlington High School Demolition”

Volvo Excavator on the Go!

https://youtube.com/shorts/wz-SNzxjmRk?feature=share As Burlington High School is being demolished, I followed this excavator with my camera. I enjoyed watching it roll over the sidewalk with ease. As I filmed, there were multiple groups of students walking up from North Beach, which is at the end of Institute Road. I had to keep pausing the video, soContinue reading “Volvo Excavator on the Go!”

Mower Gets Stuck!

I never tire of watching the landscaping crew cut the grass. The way those front wheels kept bouncing up off the ground, I wondered if that Hustler HyperDrive lawnmower were going to pitch backwards. Seeing the mower get stuck was surprising and funny!

Burlington High School Demolition Has Begun

BHS is contaminated by Poly-Chlorinated BiPhenyls or PCBs, for short. These are cancer-causing agents. According to the School Superintendent, these PCBs had leached into the concrete itself. There was no saving this high school. So, the demolition of Burlington High School has begun. I know it’s necessary. It still hurts, though. The demolition began onContinue reading “Burlington High School Demolition Has Begun”

Burlington High School: Soon to be Demolished

ALL VIDEOS GO LIVE AT 12:30AM EASTERN DAYLIGHT TIME. I drove over to Burlington High School to see what it looked like. Admittedly, I was somewhat surprised to see such tall (maybe 7-8′ tall) fencing around it. I did figure EnviroVantage would be closer to demolition at this point. Looks like I was correct. SeeingContinue reading “Burlington High School: Soon to be Demolished”

Crane in Motion

I was checking in on Burlington High School in Burlington, Vermont, one afternoon. When I saw the crane lifting pallets onto the roof of A Building, I knew I had to film and share it with you! I hope you enjoy it as much as I!!

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