Christ Church: National Register of Historic Places

“Christ Church is a historic church located at Melendy Hill Road and US Route 5 in Guilford, Vermont. Built in 1817 and later given Gothic Revival styling, it was the first Episcopal Church in Vermont. On May 13, 1982, it was added to the National Register of Historic Places.[1] It is now owned by theContinue reading “Christ Church: National Register of Historic Places”

Tontine Building: National Register!

All YouTube videos go live at 12:30 am Eastern Daylight Time. Join the LIVE CHAT! The chat lasts as long as the video plays. Let’s discuss the video!! “The Tontine Building is a historic mixed-use commercial and residential building at 500 Coolidge Highway (United States Route 5) in Guilford, Vermont. Built in 1819, it isContinue reading “Tontine Building: National Register!”

Christ Church Cemetery: Guilford, Vermont

According to the Vermont Old Cemetery Association, [the Christ Church Cemetery] “was first used in 1815 and contains 626 graves.” Find-a-Grave states there are two famous people buried there. They are: John Wolcott Phelps: He was a Civil War Union Brigadier General. Rudolf Serkin: He was a musician who was born in the Czech Republic.Continue reading “Christ Church Cemetery: Guilford, Vermont”

Royall Tyler: Early American Playwright Inscription: “Boston-born Royall Tyler’s play, ‘The Contrast”, was the first American drama to be performed in this country (1787) and his novel, ‘The Algerine Captive”, presented the first Yankee types in our literature. He came to Guilford in 1791, and was Chief Justice of the Vermont Supreme Court for 7 Years.”-

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