Gordon-Center House: National Register!

From Architectural Firm, Arnold and Scangas: “Working for The Fish and Wildlife Department for the State of Vermont, we renovated the Gordon-Center House during a two-phase project. This 1824 building with a history associated with lake ferry operations was extensively damaged during an ice storm. A new roof was constructed and the stone masonry wasContinue reading “Gordon-Center House: National Register!”

Paris and Anna Fletcher House

“The Paris and Anna Fletcher House is a historic house on Vermont Route 22A in Bridport, Vermont. Built about 1813 and enlarged in the 1820s, it is a fine local example of late Federal architecture, with a distinctive shallow Doric portico. It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1999,[1] and nowContinue reading “Paris and Anna Fletcher House”

Houghton House: National Register of Historic Places!

“The Houghton House is a historic house at 86 South Main Street in the city of St. Albans, Vermont. Built about 1800, with an interior dating to 1829–30, it is a fine and little-altered local example of transitional Georgian-Federal styling, and is one of the city’s oldest surviving buildings. It was listed on the NationalContinue reading “Houghton House: National Register of Historic Places!”

Union Meetinghouse

From the Historic Marker: “Frederick Douglass delivered a fiery abolitionist speech here in July 1843. Born in slavery in Maryland, Douglass freed himself by escaping to the north, where he became a tireless crusader for African American freedom and equality. He was among the greatest orators and black leaders of the 19th century. The FerrisburghContinue reading “Union Meetinghouse”

Emma Willard House

Today’s video is on the Emma Willard House, which is now owned by Middlebury College. This is apropos because Emma Willard was an education pioneer for women. “The Emma Willard House is a historic house at 131 South Main Street in Middlebury, Vermont, United States. Built in 1809, it was from 1809 to 1819 theContinue reading “Emma Willard House”

Saint John’s Episcopal Church

Today’s video is on St. John’s Episcopal Church in Highgate Falls, Vermont. If you enjoyed yesterday’s video on the cemetery behind it, you may also enjoy seeing this lovely church, hearing its history and watching the walk-around. “St. John’s Episcopal Church is a historic Episcopal church located on the village green in the village ofContinue reading “Saint John’s Episcopal Church”

Tavern on Mutton Hill in Charlotte, Vermont

Today’s video is about the Tavern on Mutton Hill in Charlotte, Vermont. Fun story about using Google Maps as my GPS. Directions were to turn onto Church Hill Road. Okey dokey. “Turn right onto Tavern Road.” Um, there was NO Tavern Road. There was a Mutton Hill Road to my left. From there was aContinue reading “Tavern on Mutton Hill in Charlotte, Vermont”

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