The Moran Municipal Generation Station, now the Moran Frame

“The Moran Municipal Generation Station is a former 30-megawatt power plant known for its architecture and innovation built in Burlington, Vermont from 1952 to 1955. It is now a derelict structure that will be redeveloped to encourage year-round use, economic activity and public access.[3] The Moran Plant is located at 475 Lake Street on theContinue reading “The Moran Municipal Generation Station, now the Moran Frame”

Gorge Substation #16 in Colchester, VT

After I finished visiting St. Stephen’s Cemetery, I opted to drive to the end of Gorge Rd.  It changes from Winooski to Colchester, VT, by the way.  And what greeted me?  Gorge Substation #16!  Link here: It’s not on Google Maps!  Google Maps shows the road as a cul-de-sac.  Heck no!  I could turnContinue reading “Gorge Substation #16 in Colchester, VT”

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