South Stone School House: National Register!

“The South Stone School House is a historic school building at Main Street and Quarry Road in Isle La Motte, Vermont. Built in 1843, it served the town as a district school until 1932, and has served as home to its historical society since then. It was probably built by James Ritchie, a noted localContinue reading “South Stone School House: National Register!”

District School No. 4 (“Corners” Schoolhouse)

“Corner’s Schoolhouse #4 This Schoolhouse was built in 1814 and is also known as the “Block Schoolhouse” for its construction of foot-thick squared-off logs, which can be seen through a stove air vent on the south wall. The timbers were laid up like a log cabin with lime-and-sand mortar. The 1 1/2 inch thick sawnContinue reading “District School No. 4 (“Corners” Schoolhouse)”

Brick School Museum Closes for Season on September 24, 2022!!

4127 Ethan Allen Highway (that’s Route 7) is the address and it’s located across the street from the Georgia Fire and Rescue building. This place is definitely worth your time to visit. Any of the volunteers is likely happy to share stories with you. Just ask! “The Georgia Historical Society (GHS) was started in 1975.Continue reading “Brick School Museum Closes for Season on September 24, 2022!!”

District Schoolhouse No. 2 in Georgia, Vermont

The District Schoolhouse No. 2 is in Georgia, Vermont in a rural area. Plenty of May flies for everyone! I even captured them on video. Also, just as I began to film, practically every vehicle known to man was on the road! Many people stopped to let me cross the street, which was lovely. However,Continue reading “District Schoolhouse No. 2 in Georgia, Vermont”

Sudbury District School No. 3

I drove to Sudbury, Vermont last week and truly enjoyed filming this district school. Be prepared to see some of the interior! That map pulled down in front of the chalkboard brought back great school memories for me. Will they for you, too? “The Sudbury School No. 3, also known as the Hill School, isContinue reading “Sudbury District School No. 3”

District No. 8 School in Georgia, Vermont

I’ve been filming in Georgia, Vermont recently and have met some absolutely lovely people along the way. “The District No. 8 School, also known locally as the Brick School, is a historic school building on United States Route 7 in Georgia, Vermont. Built in 1891, it was one of the last district schools to be built in the state, whichContinue reading “District No. 8 School in Georgia, Vermont”

District No. 5 Schoolhouse in Underhill, Vermont

Today’s video is such a treat. I was in Underhill, Vermont, yesterday and filmed the District No. 5 Schoolhouse, which now houses the Underhill Historical Society. Unfortunately, it was not open. That said, the blinds were and I was able to snap photos and film! Yay!! Plus, there was a parking lot! I cannot tellContinue reading “District No. 5 Schoolhouse in Underhill, Vermont”

School House and Town Hall in Leicester, Vermont I traveled to Leicester, Vermont recently and filmed some interesting places.  Leicester, Vermont is in Addison County and is south of Middlebury.  It is a straightforward drive on Route 7.  In fact, on that Friday afternoon, there was a several mile stretch when I was alone on Route 7: a major thoroughfare!  on theContinue reading “School House and Town Hall in Leicester, Vermont”

The Former Lampson School in New Haven, Vermont

Today’s video is the full version and not a teaser.  Third time’s the charm on this one!  First time I went to record, it was too dark.  Second time, I left my info sheet at home.  WHAT?????  45 minutes from home and no internet connection.  Ugh!  Yesterday, though, I FINALLY captured this building’s history! “The LampsonContinue reading “The Former Lampson School in New Haven, Vermont”