A-Building Clean-Up at Burlington High School

I decided to check on the progress of the A-Building demolition to see if they had finished the job. What I saw instead were 5 excavators on top the rubble moving pieces from one pile to another. It appears there is still a TON of work for them to do! I’m glad there’s rain inContinue reading “A-Building Clean-Up at Burlington High School”

A Building Rubble

I have been visiting my old school, BHS, to see how the demolition is advancing. Well, practically all of A Building has been demolished. It’s not completely gone, though. It appears some classrooms are still defiant. And admittedly, I’m glad. I understand it needs to come down. My inner child is giggling, though. The expectationContinue reading “A Building Rubble”

Burlington High School Auditorium

As I was recording my video in the Burlington High School auditorium, I had wanted to share stories of my time in the Drama Club at BHS. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen and it was out of my control. Thus, you will be able to find those stories right here. I shall share stories and hopefully,Continue reading “Burlington High School Auditorium”

Former Methodist Church in Bellows Falls DEMOLISHED in December 2021!

Today’s video is a follow-up to one I recorded in October 2021. A building, which started out as a Methodist Church, was demolished in December 2021. “The demolition of the historic former Methodist Meeting House was nearing completion Thursday, as workers from Hodgkins & Sons Inc. made more progress. An excavator was busy Thursday afternoonContinue reading “Former Methodist Church in Bellows Falls DEMOLISHED in December 2021!”

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