Woodbury Graded School: National Register!

National Park Service: “The town of Woodbury had been served by several small scattered schoolhouses until 1914 when the centrally located Woodbury Graded School was constructed. Architecturally, it is an excellent example of an early 20th-century rural Vermont graded school. Its construction and history embody the economic and social history of the community, while itsContinue reading “Woodbury Graded School: National Register!”

Lamoille County Courthouse

“The Lamoille County Courthouse is located at 154 Main Street in Hyde Park, the shire town of Lamoille County, Vermont. Built in 1912 to a design by Burlington architect Zachary Taylor Austin (1850–1910), it is a good example of Romanesque and Colonial Revival architecture. It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places inContinue reading “Lamoille County Courthouse”

Cotton Free Library

In the video, I thought the reason why the word “free” was in the name was because it was a Carnegie Library. I conducted some research and discovered that was not the case. In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, there were subscription libraries. People paid to be members and had exclusive use ofContinue reading “Cotton Free Library”

Community Baptist Church and Parsonage: National Register of Historic Places!

“The Community Baptist Church and Parsonage are a historic church property at 2 and 10 Mountain Road in the center of Montgomery, Vermont. The church, built in 1866, is a prominently placed example of Greek Revival architecture, while the adjacent parsonage house is a well-preserved example of the Colonial Revival. The church was for manyContinue reading “Community Baptist Church and Parsonage: National Register of Historic Places!”

Hathaway’s Tavern: National Register!

“Hathaway’s Tavern is a historic public accommodation at 255 North Main Street in the city of St. Albans, Vermont, United States. Built in 1793, it is the city’s oldest surviving building, and was briefly used as the seat of the Franklin County government. A private residence since 1805, it was listed on the National RegisterContinue reading “Hathaway’s Tavern: National Register!”

The Mintzer House: Worker Housing in Burlington, Vermont

Today’s video is about a house built on Intervale Avenue in Burlington, Vermont as worker housing. The storefront that had been attached was a grocery. It’s long since been removed. It is also on the National Register of Historic Places. “The Mintzer House is a historic house at 175-177 Intervale Avenue in Burlington, Vermont. BuiltContinue reading “The Mintzer House: Worker Housing in Burlington, Vermont”

Waterman Building: University of Vermont Campus

MERRY CHRISTMAS ALL! “This large brick building with monumental Vermont marble columns facing the west side of the University Green serves as UVM’s main administration building. Built in 1940-41 to the Colonial Revival design of the McKim, Meade and White architectural firm, the Waterman Building was the gift of Senator Waterman of Denver, Colorado, asContinue reading “Waterman Building: University of Vermont Campus”

Richmond Congregational Church in Richmond, Vermont

Today’s video is both a history of this place on the National Register of Historic Places and a partial walk-around. The Richmond Congregational Church is a historic church at 20 Church Street in Richmond, Vermont, United States. Built in 1903-04, it is a significant local example of Colonial Revival architecture, designed by prominent Vermont architect Walter R. B. Willcox.Continue reading “Richmond Congregational Church in Richmond, Vermont”

Peirce-Spaulding House: UVM Campus, Burlington, Vermont

In today’s video, I am continuing my University of Vermont theme with the Peirce-Spaulding House, located in Burlington, Vermont. I had interviewed the daughter of Mr. Spaulding years ago. In fact, I recorded that interview on CASSETTE! She had some dementia, but was lucid enough to talk to me. I enjoyed our time. Near theContinue reading “Peirce-Spaulding House: UVM Campus, Burlington, Vermont”

Clement House, Home to the Admissions Office on the University of Vermont Campus in Burlington, Vermont

https://youtu.be/bkm_m53j_Us Today’s video is on the history of Clement House, home to the Admissions Office on South Prospect Street of the University of Vermont campus in Burlington, Vermont. Plus, I do a walk-around of the property. This is the first in my series of UVM buildings.  Stay tuned for more interesting places! “This Italianate styleContinue reading “Clement House, Home to the Admissions Office on the University of Vermont Campus in Burlington, Vermont”

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