Playful St Elmo Colorado Chipmunks! #shorts

During my visit to ghost town, St. Elmo, Colorado back in 2013, I happened upon a lumber/woodpile. There were so many chipmunks running around, over under and through it that I felt compelled to film them. So glad I did. How adorable are these little critters?!? Am I right??? It is well-documented that the chipmunksContinue reading “Playful St Elmo Colorado Chipmunks! #shorts”

Chipmunk Chowing Down

Did you know… nyjer seed tastes bitter to chipmunks? safflower seeds are their favorite seed and also taste bitter? chipmunks are rodents? are solitary creatures, live alone in their burrows and interact with other chipmunks mainly during mating season? carry common diseases such as Hantavirus, salmonella, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, encephalitis, rabies and even theContinue reading “Chipmunk Chowing Down”

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