Stamp Mill in Bodie, California & Description!

Today’s video is all about the Standard Stamp Mill located in Bodie, California. I visited there on the Friends of Bodie Day in August 2019. Even now, it is still one of the most interesting places I’ve ever visited. I did not have my YouTube channel back then, so the second half of the videoContinue reading “Stamp Mill in Bodie, California & Description!”


In today’s video, I am offering some history on Bodie, California, a former mining town turned GHOST TOWN! I visited Bodie in August 2019 on Friends of Bodie Day. In order to attend, one must become a member. It’s a great time to go! There’s a lot of energy from like-minded Bodie Foundation members. WeContinue reading “BODIE, CALIFORNIA GHOST TOWN!”

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