Hickok-Burlington Cotton Company Tenement Building

“The Hickock-Burlington Cotton Company Tenement Building, https://youtu.be/uIreTN4IZDE, is probably one of the oldest surviving buildings at Winooski Falls. The structure was originally constructed to serve as a store for Reuben Harmon in 1811. Although Harmon lost the store to creditors less than seven months after it opened, the building continued to serve as a storeContinue reading “Hickok-Burlington Cotton Company Tenement Building”

Burlington Cotton Company Tenement Building

Today’s video, https://youtu.be/MODYH4zDu7I, is on the Burlington Cotton Company Tenement Building located on Barrett Street in Burlington, VT. “The building was probably built shortly after the construction of Barrett Street as a rental property by Henry P. Hickock (president of the Merchants National Bank in Burlington), who with his wife also owned 485 Colchester AvenueContinue reading “Burlington Cotton Company Tenement Building”

Dubuc & Burlington Cotton Company Tenement Buildings

Today’s video, https://youtu.be/aWhYD6ao9G4, is the first in a series on the ancillary buildings necessary to working near and in mills.  In fact, all of the buildings were part of a concerted effort to increase the boundary of the Winooski Falls Mill Historic District back in the early 1990’s. Want to see ALL my photographs? GoContinue reading “Dubuc & Burlington Cotton Company Tenement Buildings”

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