Old Stone Blacksmith Shop: National Register of Historic Places!

“The Old Stone Blacksmith Shop is a historic building on Vermont Route 30 in Cornwall, Vermont. Probably built in the late 18th century, it is a rare example in the state of a stone blacksmith shop, with a documented history of more than century’s use for the purpose. It was listed on the National RegisterContinue reading “Old Stone Blacksmith Shop: National Register of Historic Places!”

The Duncan/Dubuc Forge & Blacksmith/Wheelwright Shop

I present to you the Duncan/Dubuc Blacksmith Shop, https://youtu.be/nTH3YW38u7w.  Located at the corner of Colchester Avenue and Mill Street in Burlington, Vermont, it was well-positioned to serve the mills and its workers.  It is a 3-storey building. After the 1927 flood took out the Winooski Bridge, the new bridge was raised several feet. Thus, ColchesterContinue reading “The Duncan/Dubuc Forge & Blacksmith/Wheelwright Shop”

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