Burlington High School: Asbestos Abatement vs Demolition

Written by Tom Flanagan, Burlington School District Superintendent: “…On the other hand, while digging up the foundation, we discovered additional sources of asbestos on the foundations of the old BHS/BTC campus. During demolition, we found that insulation had been glued to the inside of the foundation walls, which were buried underground. After we ripped theContinue reading “Burlington High School: Asbestos Abatement vs Demolition”

More Asbestos Found at Burlington High School

The Burlington School District reported discovering additional asbestos at Burlington High School. During the construction, insulation was glued to the foundation. That glue has asbestos in it. At the time of the filming of this video, the District did not have an estimate for the additional cost the taxpayers would absorb. I’m not surprised becauseContinue reading “More Asbestos Found at Burlington High School”

Excavators & Mist Cannon Working Hard!

https://youtube.com/shorts/2DxSss3ma2Y?feature=share All YouTube videos go live at 12:30 am Eastern Daylight Time. These excavators are moving dirt from one pile into another. They are working on the property where Burlington High School barely remains. The buildings are being demolished due to PCB contamination. Note the mist cannon spraying towards them from the right. The purposeContinue reading “Excavators & Mist Cannon Working Hard!”

Burlington High School Language Teacher Stories

All YouTube videos go live at 12:30 am Eastern Daylight Time. I share with you some stories about two language teachers I had whose classrooms were located inside the now demolished B-Building of Burlington High School. The Latin teacher was known by many names. And they were: -Mrs. Finnerty -Ms. Zak-Mrs. Dates-Lainey She encouraged herContinue reading “Burlington High School Language Teacher Stories”

B-Building/Burlington High School Stories

B-Building of Burlington High School has been partially demolished. B-Building had hosted art and language classes primarily. I had also taken an American literature class there as well. When I attended, the languages offered were French, Spanish, German and Latin. Let us note that I graduated in 1983. Entering B-Building from the East end corridorContinue reading “B-Building/Burlington High School Stories”

A Building Rubble

I have been visiting my old school, BHS, to see how the demolition is advancing. Well, practically all of A Building has been demolished. It’s not completely gone, though. It appears some classrooms are still defiant. And admittedly, I’m glad. I understand it needs to come down. My inner child is giggling, though. The expectationContinue reading “A Building Rubble”

Volvo Excavator on the Go!

https://youtube.com/shorts/wz-SNzxjmRk?feature=share As Burlington High School is being demolished, I followed this excavator with my camera. I enjoyed watching it roll over the sidewalk with ease. As I filmed, there were multiple groups of students walking up from North Beach, which is at the end of Institute Road. I had to keep pausing the video, soContinue reading “Volvo Excavator on the Go!”

Burlington High School: Soon to be Demolished

ALL VIDEOS GO LIVE AT 12:30AM EASTERN DAYLIGHT TIME. I drove over to Burlington High School to see what it looked like. Admittedly, I was somewhat surprised to see such tall (maybe 7-8′ tall) fencing around it. I did figure EnviroVantage would be closer to demolition at this point. Looks like I was correct. SeeingContinue reading “Burlington High School: Soon to be Demolished”

BHS Concessions Stand & Training Room

I had never walked the Burlington High School Athletic Field before. The fence is usually locked. On April 1, 2022, though, it was wide open. I saw what looked like concession stand windows, which they were. Walking a bit farther, I saw what I initially thought was an office. The sun was shining very brightly,Continue reading “BHS Concessions Stand & Training Room”

What’s Inside This HUGE Porta Potty??

https://youtube.com/shorts/XhspadIwbMo?feature=share Actually, this is called a “portable toilet”. Most of us would use a colloquial term, though. Those terms include porta-potty, portaloo, porta-john and my personal favorite: “thunderbox”! These words differ depending upon where one is in the world. What’s interesting about this one, though, is that it’s handicapped accessible. It’s also unisex. Inside, you’llContinue reading “What’s Inside This HUGE Porta Potty??”

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