Saint John’s Episcopal Church

Today’s video is on St. John’s Episcopal Church in Highgate Falls, Vermont. If you enjoyed yesterday’s video on the cemetery behind it, you may also enjoy seeing this lovely church, hearing its history and watching the walk-around. “St. John’s Episcopal Church is a historic Episcopal church located on the village green in the village ofContinue reading “Saint John’s Episcopal Church”

District No. 8 School in Georgia, Vermont

I’ve been filming in Georgia, Vermont recently and have met some absolutely lovely people along the way. “The District No. 8 School, also known locally as the Brick School, is a historic school building on United States Route 7 in Georgia, Vermont. Built in 1891, it was one of the last district schools to be built in the state, whichContinue reading “District No. 8 School in Georgia, Vermont”

Williston Congregational Church in Williston, Vermont

Today’s video is a combination of the history and a walk-around of the Williston Congregational Church in Williston, Vermont. (The snow is a tch deeper in Williston than where I live in Chittenden County. Since I don’t wear boots, my feet got a bit wet and even colder.) But, I was able to walk aroundContinue reading “Williston Congregational Church in Williston, Vermont”

Leicester Meeting House in Leicester, Vermont Today’s film topic is the Leicester Meeting House in Leicester, Vermont.  It is located directly off of Route 7 and is abundantly easy to find.  Note that a couple of windows could use some attention.  Better to fix now than wait until the repairs are very expensive. Also wondering what those “drawers” are forContinue reading “Leicester Meeting House in Leicester, Vermont”

Our Lady of Mount Carmel Catholic Church in Charlotte, Vermont Today’s video is on Our Lady of Mount Carmel, which is located in Charlotte, Vermont.  It is on Spear Street and very easy to find.  (And I LIKE easy to find!!)  Parking was easy, too!  (Its cemetery out back was not readily visible from the road, but certainly was from the parking lot.) “NestledContinue reading “Our Lady of Mount Carmel Catholic Church in Charlotte, Vermont”

The Champlain School

Greetings All!  This is Patricia and I am Traveling for History! Today’s video, link here:, is about The Champlain School on Pine Street in Burlington, VT.  It was built in 1909- the Tercentenary!  That was the 300th anniversary of Samuel de Champlain’s discovery of the lake he boldly named after himself.  Learn more byContinue reading “The Champlain School”

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