Dog-gone Leg Saga Continues!

I’m not comfortable with the level of redness below the second wound. It’s been hot to the touch and warm as well. I was seen last Thursday by the same Nurse Practitioner. So, I’m on another course of the antibiotic. The redness has changed from beet red to a dusky pink. The wound and theContinue reading “Dog-gone Leg Saga Continues!”

Leg Saga

The bandage is GONE!! The Nurse Practitioner was happy with the healing process of my wounds. And she decided I didn’t need another bandage! HALLELUJAH!! I must be careful that I not scrub too hard and inadvertently scrub off the scabs in the shower or rub too vigorously when drying off. NOT A PROBLEM!! IContinue reading “Leg Saga”

My Freakin’ Leg!

I returned to my doctor’s office expecting the wrap to be removed and getting back to my routine. The wrap WAS removed. Much to my unhappiness, I have to wear another one until this coming Tuesday! The bandage dried and it’s even tighter than the first one. It’s digging into my body. And the cobanContinue reading “My Freakin’ Leg!”

Full of Finches

Fun Facts: Gold Finches are considered good luck and seem to remind humans to find joy in our lives. They don’t mate for life, but rather, for one breeding season or nesting period. They have one brood in a season. Their life span is 3-6 years. They do have predators that will eat them. TheseContinue reading “Full of Finches”

Dang Leg Wounds!

Well, I have a wrap on my leg because there are 2 wounds that weren’t healing as they should. My video will give you all the pertinent info!

Can We CRUSH the August Sub Numbers???

On July 23, 2022, I asked if we could hit 250 subscribers by the end of the month. I had 232 subscribers (and THANK YOU FOR SUBSCRIBING!) at that time. So, I was asking for 18 more before August 1. There was a point when I was averaging 2-3 per day, so, I thought itContinue reading “Can We CRUSH the August Sub Numbers???”

Emerald Lake State Park: My Site!

Well, this was my home-away-from-home for the past couple of nights. A friend, he dog and I had stayed in a handicapped lean-to, which was her suggestion. So glad she knew about stuff like that! It was no more than 150 feet away from the bathrooms/showers and had a ramp with a railing until theContinue reading “Emerald Lake State Park: My Site!”


Ok, I’ve been wanting to offer another subscriber thank you video for some time now. I decided I would offer it once I hit 250. I now have 233. I think it’s doable. We can do this! What’s in it for you? That video will consist of my new equipment. I think it’s neat andContinue reading “LET’S HIT 250 SUBSCRIBERS BY JULY 31, 2022!”


On June 27, my birthday, I had produced a Call to Action video. I had asked for 210 subscribers by the end of the month. You know what? We hit 211!! A huge thanks for that! In today’s video, I explained why I asked. #travelingforhistory101  #subscribers #subscribe #calltoaction #thanksforsubscribing #thankyou

Call to Action: Let’s Reach 210 Subscribers by the End of this Month!

Today is my birthday and I have a Call to Action video. By the end of this month, so we have 4 days, to gain merely 4 more subscribers to my YouTube channel. More is better, for sure, but I’m only asking for 4. So, please keep sharing my videos with anyone you think wouldContinue reading “Call to Action: Let’s Reach 210 Subscribers by the End of this Month!”

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