My New Cat: Lincoln! Two friends texted me a couple of days ago. “Did you see this???” It was an article on a bunch of hoarded cats in Monkton, Vermont, which had been saved by Queen City Cats VT. I had not. I looked at their website, They had some adorable cats available, including this guy. IContinue reading “My New Cat: Lincoln!”

Volvo Excavator on the Go! As Burlington High School is being demolished, I followed this excavator with my camera. I enjoyed watching it roll over the sidewalk with ease. As I filmed, there were multiple groups of students walking up from North Beach, which is at the end of Institute Road. I had to keep pausing the video, soContinue reading “Volvo Excavator on the Go!”

Helicopter Mission

As I was filming inside Resurrection Park, (the largest Catholic cemetery in the state of Vermont), I heard a helicopter flying overhead. I am very lucky I was able to capture as much of its flight as I had. I hope you enjoy it as much as I! The helicopter looked like a military one.Continue reading “Helicopter Mission”

Listen to the Rushing Falls! Listen to the loud sounds of the rushing Middlebury Falls. Please also enjoy the scenic beauty of the area. Imagine how well these falls powered industry because they did.

What’s Inside This HUGE Porta Potty?? Actually, this is called a “portable toilet”. Most of us would use a colloquial term, though. Those terms include porta-potty, portaloo, porta-john and my personal favorite: “thunderbox”! These words differ depending upon where one is in the world. What’s interesting about this one, though, is that it’s handicapped accessible. It’s also unisex. Inside, you’llContinue reading “What’s Inside This HUGE Porta Potty??”

Whiteout of Trees

I love when it’s snowing so much that trees are obscured. How about you?? That’s what this video will show you: how the trees look whiter due to the snow. So cool!

Snowflakes Falling How thrilling it was to watch the snowflakes gently falling to the ground! And then, to watch them stick… Winter tends to last for a while here in Vermont. The upside is seeing this. All videos go live at 12:30 am Eastern Daylight Time. Thanks for watching! Please enjoy!!

Thunderstorm and Stream Watch the stream run down through the grass during this thunderstorm! Heavy rain, thunder and the bonus stream are elements I absolutely love! How about you???

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