Burlington High School Language Teacher Stories

All YouTube videos go live at 12:30 am Eastern Daylight Time. I share with you some stories about two language teachers I had whose classrooms were located inside the now demolished B-Building of Burlington High School. The Latin teacher was known by many names. And they were: -Mrs. Finnerty -Ms. Zak-Mrs. Dates-Lainey She encouraged herContinue reading “Burlington High School Language Teacher Stories”

A-Building Clean-Up at Burlington High School

I decided to check on the progress of the A-Building demolition to see if they had finished the job. What I saw instead were 5 excavators on top the rubble moving pieces from one pile to another. It appears there is still a TON of work for them to do! I’m glad there’s rain inContinue reading “A-Building Clean-Up at Burlington High School”

More Burlington High School Demolition

According to the Burlington School District, they expect the demolition to be completed very soon. A Building may be completely demolished by Saturday afternoon. That’s wild, but very likely doable. As you’ll see both in the video and photos, those machines have wreaked a ton of havoc already. And that’s what they’re supposed to do.Continue reading “More Burlington High School Demolition”

Burlington High School Demolition Has Begun

BHS is contaminated by Poly-Chlorinated BiPhenyls or PCBs, for short. These are cancer-causing agents. According to the School Superintendent, these PCBs had leached into the concrete itself. There was no saving this high school. So, the demolition of Burlington High School has begun. I know it’s necessary. It still hurts, though. The demolition began onContinue reading “Burlington High School Demolition Has Begun”

Burlington High School: Soon to be Demolished

ALL VIDEOS GO LIVE AT 12:30AM EASTERN DAYLIGHT TIME. I drove over to Burlington High School to see what it looked like. Admittedly, I was somewhat surprised to see such tall (maybe 7-8′ tall) fencing around it. I did figure EnviroVantage would be closer to demolition at this point. Looks like I was correct. SeeingContinue reading “Burlington High School: Soon to be Demolished”

BHS Concessions Stand & Training Room

I had never walked the Burlington High School Athletic Field before. The fence is usually locked. On April 1, 2022, though, it was wide open. I saw what looked like concession stand windows, which they were. Walking a bit farther, I saw what I initially thought was an office. The sun was shining very brightly,Continue reading “BHS Concessions Stand & Training Room”

Crane in Motion

I was checking in on Burlington High School in Burlington, Vermont, one afternoon. When I saw the crane lifting pallets onto the roof of A Building, I knew I had to film and share it with you! I hope you enjoy it as much as I!!

Burlington High School Athletic Field

As I walked the baseball area of the athletic field, which I had never done before, I walked through a lot of watery grass. The mud was so wet, I sank down over an inch (2.54cm). I will say it felt pretty special to sit in the dugout. After all, I have no physical prowessContinue reading “Burlington High School Athletic Field”

Burlington High School Staging Area & Solar Panels

As I finished filming my video on BHS, I saw the crates of what turned out to be solar panels. I don’t recall them being in the parking lot the last time I filmed here. I saw a photo online of A Building’s roof. There were solar panels on it. Mystery solved! It also appearedContinue reading “Burlington High School Staging Area & Solar Panels”

Burlington High School: More Updates

I still don’t know when BHS will be demolished. That said, I do know EnviroVantage is abating the asbestos in the buildings. The asbestos is in both the floor and ceiling tiles. Once they are finished with abatement, demolition should begin. And after that, they will remediate the ground underneath the school. This is becauseContinue reading “Burlington High School: More Updates”

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