Governor Harold J. Arthur: Served 1950-1951

Whilst strolling Lakeview Cemetery recently, I discovered a governor! So, today’s video is on that man: Harold John Arthur. I often find so many interesting people buried in these places I love to visit. And then, I share them with you. I found quite a few interesting sources online. It is information you may findContinue reading “Governor Harold J. Arthur: Served 1950-1951”

Sanderson Covered Bridge:Brandon, Vermont

I found us another covered bridge! “The Sanderson Covered Bridge is a historic covered bridge, which carries Pearl Street over Otter Creek in Brandon, Vermont. Built about 1840, it is one of Vermont’s oldest covered bridges, and is the only remaining 19th century bridge in Brandon. It was listed on the National Register of HistoricContinue reading “Sanderson Covered Bridge:Brandon, Vermont”

Sudbury District School No. 3

I drove to Sudbury, Vermont last week and truly enjoyed filming this district school. Be prepared to see some of the interior! That map pulled down in front of the chalkboard brought back great school memories for me. Will they for you, too? “The Sudbury School No. 3, also known as the Hill School, isContinue reading “Sudbury District School No. 3”

Strolling St. Mary’s Cemetery in Brandon, Vermont

The entrance to St. Mary’s Cemetery is fairly tricky to see and is rather sudden after Google Maps tells you to head straight on the road you’re on. Also, if you decide to visit off-season, note that the gates will be chained and padlocked. You’ll have to park directly in front of those gates thatContinue reading “Strolling St. Mary’s Cemetery in Brandon, Vermont”

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