The Noble Failure: Prohibition in the Champlain Valley

I visited the Lake Champlain Maritime Museum in late September 2023 and filmed this exhibit. The day was hot and humid. Mosquitoes were snacking on my blood all day. That blood must be tasty! Thus, the huffing and puffing you may hear is due to the humidity. Please check out the photos, stories and additionalContinue reading “The Noble Failure: Prohibition in the Champlain Valley”

Old Glory Flying on Flag Day June 14 is Flag Day here in the USA. Do you know why? It is because the Continental Congress approved the design of a national flag. And that was on June 14, 1777.

Hitler’s Furies: So Disappointing

I am deeply disappointed by this book. Wendy Lower’s writing, as described by another reviewer, was certainly “pedestrian”. It is dry and full of minutiae. I completely understand wanting to share EVERYTHING I’ve learned about a topic because I’m excited to share. Ms. Lower’s writing was dull. She was writing a book on a facetContinue reading “Hitler’s Furies: So Disappointing”

Silas Wright Monument and Marker

From the State Historic Marker: “Born at Amherst, Mass., Silas Wright came to Weybridge as an infant and grew up here. Graduated from Middlebury College in 1815, he studied Law at Sandy Hill, N.Y.; began Law practice at Canton, N.Y. in 1819, and entered politics there. A Brigadier General by 1824, he was State Senator,Continue reading “Silas Wright Monument and Marker”

East Berkshire Episcopal Cemetery

This cemetery was first used in 1820 and it contains a bit more than 250 graves, according to the Vermont Old Cemetery Association. The cemetery is also known as the Calvary Cemetery. The ground is very uneven and was a bit challenging to walk. Grave monuments were leaning and a variety of headstones had fallen.Continue reading “East Berkshire Episcopal Cemetery”

Birthplace of Senator George F. Edmunds

“George Franklin Edmunds (February 1, 1828 – February 27, 1919) was a Republican U.S. Senator from Vermont. Before entering the U.S. Senate, he served in a number of high-profile positions, including Speaker of the Vermont House of Representatives, and President pro tempore of the Vermont State Senate. Edmunds was born in Richmond, Vermont and began to study law while still a teenager; he proved an adeptContinue reading “Birthplace of Senator George F. Edmunds”

Levi P. Morton

“Levi Parsons Morton (May 16, 1824 – May 16, 1920) was the 22nd vice president of the United States from 1889 to 1893. He also served as United States ambassador to France, as a U.S. representative from New York, and as the 31st governor of New York. The son of a Congregational minister, Morton wasContinue reading “Levi P. Morton”


I am listening to The Nuremberg Trial via Audible (and NO, this is NOT a sponsored video), written by Ann and John Tusa. Admittedly, I doubt I would read this. That said, I do enjoy listening to it. It’s fascinating material. Description (from Amazon/Audible): “Here is a gripping account of the major postwar trial ofContinue reading “THE NUREMBERG TRIAL by Ann and John Tusa: BOOK RECOMMENDATION”

Vermont’s 39th Governor: John Lester Barstow

A HUGE SHOUT-OUT to the Shelburne, Vermont Town Clerk’s Office for their help in finding this grave! They even gave me a map!! Yay! “John Lester Barstow (February 21, 1832 – June 28, 1913) was an American teacher, farmer, politician, and soldier who served as the 39th governor of Vermont, United States. Early Life: Barstow was bornContinue reading “Vermont’s 39th Governor: John Lester Barstow”

Governor Richard Snelling of Vermont

“Richard Arkwright Snelling (February 18, 1927 – August 13, 1991) was an American businessman and politician. He was most notable for his service as the 76th and 78th governor of Vermont from 1977 to 1985 and from January 10, 1991, until his death. A native of Allentown, Pennsylvania, Snelling was educated in Allentown and served inContinue reading “Governor Richard Snelling of Vermont”