Children’s Graves Revisited at Lakeview Cemetery

When I filmed these children’s graves back in June 2021, several headstones were tipped forward. This made some of them unreadable. There were others that were leaning in other directions as well. In September 2022, people from the Howard Center and the Vermont Old Cemetery Association joined forces to straighten these headstones. I must sayContinue reading “Children’s Graves Revisited at Lakeview Cemetery”

St. Joseph Providence Orphan Asylum and Hospital

“The building was constructed between 1879 and 1883 under the oversight of Father John S. Michaud.[2] The interior of the building in its original construction consisted of a large kitchen in the back right, large recreation rooms on last two or three bays of either end, and a laundry room in a rear extension, asContinue reading “St. Joseph Providence Orphan Asylum and Hospital”

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