The Ticonderoga: National Historic Landmark

“The steamboat Ticonderoga is one of two remaining side-paddle-wheel passenger steamers with a vertical beam engine of the type that provided freight and passenger service on America’s bays, lakes and rivers from the early 19th to the mid-20th centuries. Commissioned by the Champlain Transportation Company, Ticonderoga was built in 1906 at the Shelburne Shipyard inContinue reading “The Ticonderoga: National Historic Landmark”


In today’s video, I am offering some history on Bodie, California, a former mining town turned GHOST TOWN! I visited Bodie in August 2019 on Friends of Bodie Day. In order to attend, one must become a member. It’s a great time to go! There’s a lot of energy from like-minded Bodie Foundation members. WeContinue reading “BODIE, CALIFORNIA GHOST TOWN!”

The Queen Mary in Photographs Taken in October 2018

Today’s video is a photographic one.  I visited The Queen Mary docked permanently in Long Beach, California back in 2018.  That was an amazing week of visiting museums, a botanical garden, the Walt Disney Concert Hall and The Queen Mary!  The former luxury liner was the farthest out and beyond worth it!  I took 3Continue reading “The Queen Mary in Photographs Taken in October 2018”

Rockingham Meeting-House Cemetery: REVOLUTIONARY WAR & WAR OF 1812 DEAD!!

The Rockingham Meeting-House Cemetery is located behind the Rockingham Meeting House and is one-third of the National Historic Landmark designation.  The other two-thirds are the Meeting House and Receiving Tomb.  I have videos on both.  “The adjacent cemetery, which continues in use today, contains more than 1,000 graves, and is a treasure trove of informationContinue reading “Rockingham Meeting-House Cemetery: REVOLUTIONARY WAR & WAR OF 1812 DEAD!!”

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