Guilford Center Meeting House

From Society of Architectural Historians Archipedia: Authors: Glenn M. Andres and Curtis B. Johnson “The dominant feature of its hamlet, this small but lovingly detailed building presents a mix of Vermont traditions from the 1830s. Now home to the local historical society, it was built to house Guilford’s Universalists, reusing timbers from the town’s dismantledContinue reading “Guilford Center Meeting House”

East Village Meetinghouse (Old Brick Church)

From the National Park Service: “The early 19th-century East Village Meeting House, now known as the Old Brick Church, is an excellent example of a Greek Revival style masonry meeting house. The meeting house, serving both religious and secular functions, had no precedent in England, and was an early American building type. In 18th-century NewContinue reading “East Village Meetinghouse (Old Brick Church)”

Old White Meeting House, aka “Granny’s Attic”

“Memories of the South Hero Meeting House By Teresa Robinson (President South Hero Bicentennial Museum) In 2013 when Paige Brownell was in fourth grade at Folsom School, her social studies class took a field trip down to the Old White Meeting House. Paige felt inspired to research more about the old church when she andContinue reading “Old White Meeting House, aka “Granny’s Attic””

Guess the Building’s Origins!

Tell me in the comments below how this building was used. Can you guess all 3??? If I got 2 and missed the most obvious (DUH!!!), I suspect you’ll do better than I did! The full video is tomorrow, which goes LIVE at 12:30 am!! 🙂 Join me for a LIVE CHAT as the videoContinue reading “Guess the Building’s Origins!”

Whiting Meetinghouse: State Register of Historic Places!

So, why two doors? Originally, men sat on one side of the church and women on the other. Thus, it was easier to have two doors to enter and exit. This church is known by a few names. Whiting Union Church, Whiting Meetinghouse and now it’s the Whiting Community Church. Regardless of its many names,Continue reading “Whiting Meetinghouse: State Register of Historic Places!”

Former Methodist Church in Bellows Falls DEMOLISHED in December 2021!

Today’s video is a follow-up to one I recorded in October 2021. A building, which started out as a Methodist Church, was demolished in December 2021. “The demolition of the historic former Methodist Meeting House was nearing completion Thursday, as workers from Hodgkins & Sons Inc. made more progress. An excavator was busy Thursday afternoonContinue reading “Former Methodist Church in Bellows Falls DEMOLISHED in December 2021!”

Union Meetinghouse

From the Historic Marker: “Frederick Douglass delivered a fiery abolitionist speech here in July 1843. Born in slavery in Maryland, Douglass freed himself by escaping to the north, where he became a tireless crusader for African American freedom and equality. He was among the greatest orators and black leaders of the 19th century. The FerrisburghContinue reading “Union Meetinghouse”

Leicester Meeting House in Leicester, Vermont Today’s film topic is the Leicester Meeting House in Leicester, Vermont.  It is located directly off of Route 7 and is abundantly easy to find.  Note that a couple of windows could use some attention.  Better to fix now than wait until the repairs are very expensive. Also wondering what those “drawers” are forContinue reading “Leicester Meeting House in Leicester, Vermont”

Quaker-Friends Cemetery in South Starksboro, Vermont

In today’s video, we visit the cemetery associated with the South Starksboro Meeting House.  It is also known as the Quaker-Friends Cemetery in South Starksboro, Vermont.  This was filmed in late October 2021. I found the grave of a single Union soldier of the US or American Civil War. He was buried in the lastContinue reading “Quaker-Friends Cemetery in South Starksboro, Vermont”

Starksboro Village Meeting House in Starksboro, Vermont

Today’s video is on the Starksboro Village Meeting House located in Starksboro, Vermont.  It is directly on Route 116 and parking is super easy, especially on a weekend or holiday.  The town’s office is right next door and the circular road/parking is between the buildings. “The Starksboro Village Meeting House is a historic church and town hallContinue reading “Starksboro Village Meeting House in Starksboro, Vermont”