Silas Wright Monument and Marker

From the State Historic Marker: “Born at Amherst, Mass., Silas Wright came to Weybridge as an infant and grew up here. Graduated from Middlebury College in 1815, he studied Law at Sandy Hill, N.Y.; began Law practice at Canton, N.Y. in 1819, and entered politics there. A Brigadier General by 1824, he was State Senator,Continue reading “Silas Wright Monument and Marker”

East Berkshire Episcopal Cemetery

This cemetery was first used in 1820 and it contains a bit more than 250 graves, according to the Vermont Old Cemetery Association. The cemetery is also known as the Calvary Cemetery. The ground is very uneven and was a bit challenging to walk. Grave monuments were leaning and a variety of headstones had fallen.Continue reading “East Berkshire Episcopal Cemetery”

Warren Robinson Austin: First UN Ambassador Representing US

In today’s video, I share the incredible political rise and accomplishments of Warren Robinson Austin. He is buried at Lakeview Cemetery and has an interesting grave monument. It is a rectangular frame, which suggests a door to the afterlife. “Warren Robinson Austin (November 12, 1877 – December 25, 1962) was an American politician and diplomatContinue reading “Warren Robinson Austin: First UN Ambassador Representing US”

Mary Catherine Arthur: Became a Lawyer in 1929!!

“Mary C. Arthur Oct 5, 2004 Updated Oct 17, 2018 BURLINGTON/MORRISTOWN – Mary C. Arthur, a longtime Burlington attorney, died peacefully at her residence in Morristown, Vt., on Saturday, Sept. 11, 2004. Born Mary Catherine Alafat in Burlington on Dec. 11, 1904, she was the youngest daughter of Lebanese immigrants Elias N. and Madeline (Attea)Continue reading “Mary Catherine Arthur: Became a Lawyer in 1929!!”